While running through my news updates for games, just searching for a topic for today and while I could have gone with the “Most Anticipated Games in 2019” or wax philosophical on how we are going in circles in terms of remakes and remasters, something caught my attention.

Article after article rolled down my screen that spoke of the benefits of gaming/scholarships for being good at gaming or talking about the darker side of things (Dad beating gamer for ‘beating’ his son in a game, etc.). This division in gaming, while not unheard of, seems to get extremely divisive as time goes on. I mean, I’ve been on the planet a long while now, and I’ve seen pretty much every positive/negative thing I could when it comes to gaming as a whole.

I remember back when I was in high school and Jack Thompson was all abuzz about Manhunt or Bully, I’m not sure but his likeness was all over the place. G4, it being one of the bigger channels for gaming at the time, had host Adam Sessler going to battle against him on TV to defend the violence in video games. While I’m sure this wasn’t the only issue in gaming at the time, there really weren’t too many other things going on that really looked bad that come to mind. I mean at least compared to what we see now.

There will always be issues, there will always be blessings. A Yin and Yang within the gaming industry as it were. As time progresses, it seems that the world has amassed a shit-ton more of both. When we have so many positives, the universe seems to need to adjust and make people do stupid shit regarding the same medium.

Games begin to get noticed as an art-form? Guess this kid needs to SWAT some stranger because they are just the slightest bit better than him at Call of Duty. We start handing out scholarships that encourage someone to go out and design/play video games as a legit job? Next thing we know someone takes it just a bit too far and binges World of Warcraft for days straight without a break, causing their body to shut down and for them to pass away. Hell one of the darkest things I saw while writing this was some sick people using games like Fortnite and apps like Discord to get kids lulled into a false sense of security and get abducted into human trafficking circles!

While I believe in the universal balance, things are starting to get a bit out of hand. I can’t recall a time when things were so grim and on such an idiotic/depraved level. For years, I’ve defended gaming against many slams against the medium, but it becomes very hard when stupidity reigns supreme, taking things too seriously or taking advantage of a system meant for enjoyment. While gaming and game design should be taken as seriously as any other job, for those in the industry, but those just playing it shouldn’t be willing to beat/kill another person because they lost or have to worry that they might not get to come home again.

The worst thing I’ve ever done in anger is throw a controller at the floor, maybe like a foot off the ground. While the souls of inanimate objects have yet to be proven, I can say the floor doesn’t get hurt by being hit, but another human being does. And as paranoid of a man that I am, I have never just accepted anything from strangers online or in person, yet now I worry more about a future where I have to caution younger generations to not be so open on Discord (if it still exists at that point) or not to think everyone trying to be your friend is always decent.

I just can’t stand looking at the news updates where people are taking a hobby, or lifestyle, and turning it into something dark. I like to see the positives. That being said, I have decided that the posts I continue to do this year will all be more on a positive note. I mean.. as much as they can be, if we are talking about personal talks then maybe half positive and half negative. Either way, I’m going to spend my time this year finding the positives, weeding out the good from the bad. I’m hoping by doing that, we can still see the bright side of things during this new year.



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