What is written next occurred inside the mind of Reedicus just this morning. You’ve been warned.

*Frantically scrambling through emails on updates in gaming* Games, games, games! Why haven’t I written about games in sooooo long? I’ve been going through shit sure but damn… My blog is called Respwn Point. It is gaming, not just for my catharsis. I mean.. catharsis is important and this is a trying time. Buuut GAMES!?

That’s right everybody, I know that gaming is very important to me and I founded this page for the pure and simple joy of talking about games, no matter how rage inducing. I haven’t been on my gaming game lately, hell I haven’t even really sat down and played a game for more than 30 minutes before my funk sets in and I do something else.

While in this transitioning portion of my life is a little crazy but I have to make a promise to myself to keep gaming content coming in. So while I started to mull over what to talk about, rejecting the whole ‘Top 10 Games of 2018’ since I am almost certain I only played 3-4 new games this past year but they were all games that were awarded GOTY or were in the running for it. I figured I would recap some of the better moments in gaming for me from the past year. I also wanted to take the time to express how big gaming will be for me in 2019.

I’m only going to do a Top 5 of last year because a lot of the time spent last year was away from gaming and dealing with… less than enjoyable situations.

5: Playstation VR Adventures

While I personally do not own a PS VR peripheral, my best friend does. He also owns more games and consoles from this generation as well as games leading back to the hayday of the Atari and so on, but I digress.

When given the chance to hang out with him, my buddy likes to watch me as I either fail at playing old school games with no save points (I’m absolute shit at Mega Man and he revels in it), or use me as a guinea pig for certain games in different forms. The past year I was subjected to both horrors and joys of playing some amazing PS VR things. With so little done this past year I’ll save part of this one for a second spot on the list but for now, let’s talk about Astro Bot.

I didn’t even realize that Astro Bot was a staple for the PS4 before I started playing the game. When I donned the headset, I remember seeing him and exclaiming ‘Wait isn’t that the.. Game Room robot?!” to which I was greeted with a sigh and the controllers shoved in my hand. My intention with Astro Bot was simply to see the water level. It was described to me as trippy, your mind thinking it’s underwater because that’s what you are seeing but another part of you conscious mind knowing it wasn’t real. I just had to test it.

I didn’t get to that part till at least 20 minutes because I was just in love with the game as a whole. The happy little robot waving at me when it sensed I was looking at it, to the grandiose scope of the world that surrounded me. I had never felt more immersed in a video game world. I fell in love with a world that I wished I could visit more frequently. When I did get to the water level, well it was very disorienting. You ever hold your breath with video game characters that are underwater? Yeah that maybe by choice, in VR it seems my mind just instantly had to hold my breath. So.. yeah that was a joy.

4: Playstation VR (VR and Not VR)

To continue with the VR shenanigans, my friend just had to see my reactions to Resident Evil 7 and P.T. (ya know, the original Playable teaser for Kojima’s Silent Hills). While RE7 was a demo, and really only took me all of a minute to want to shit my pants. The only downside to me being easily spooked is that it wasn’t the crazy girl crawling on my face that scared me first, but she did get me in the end. It was… *sigh* I can’t believe I am going to admit this, but what scared me the most was my virtual shoulder. That’s right, I learned that while checking for my virtual body while being on edge waiting for something to jump at me, my SHOULDER made me jump out of my skin. Needless to say, I’ll never live that down.

Now my playthrough of P.T. was more nerve wracking, because the game has this way of peering into my soul and shaking me to my core. In VR, having the spirit attack me and get in my face made me wish I had never agreed to try it. Don’t get me wrong, it is glorious to explore, but witnessing something that gave me nightmares for a bit after playing it up close and personal does NOT make me feel safe.

Would I do it again? Yeah… I would, but I’ll wear the brown pants.

3. Getting to Be Spider-Man

Yeah, you knew I would have to mention one of my contenders for Game of the Year here, but one of the highlights of my year was swinging from building to building, beating up baddies, and taking pictures around New York City. This feeling, the joy of getting to be in the shoes of a relateable hero, well minus the spider powers, make my heart swell. It being done well made a few other things swell, wink, wink, nudge nudge. I cannot remember another Hero game that was done so well that I actually allowed myself to dive into head first and just let logic and overthinking fly out the window.

I mean, that was true till I 100% it and then started over thinking and wrote my article on Spidey being a cold, hard killer. But I digress.

Spider-Man 2018 was amazingly paced, as long as you didn’t let side missions pluck at your heartstrings, and minus the Miles/MJ missions that were supposed to break up the action. It was beautiful to look at and was full of easter eggs for those fans who only know the MCU as well as the ones who have been following Spider-Man for years. It was a strong contender for GOTY for me and it helped distract me from the hell that waited at home. I have all the DLC still waiting for me but I have to push through RDR2.

Speaking of..

2. GTA in the Wild West (Again but a Prequel)

I remember playing the first RDR when I was just getting out of high school and going through, you guessed it, a horrible, tough ass, shitty time. Seems like a pattern…

When I was first introduced to it, I kinda rolled my eyes having the GTA craze wearing thin and seeing how Rockstar was the same company, I just kinda scoughed and went on with my day. Then I actually played the damn thing and loved it. I loved it so much and never finished it on one save file. I mean I know how it ends but I never actually got to get there myself.

Picking up RDR2 has given me even more things to kill time with, because even so many months since it came out, and all my friends beating the main story and ditched for the Online content, I’m just barely in Chapter 4. Yeah.. I’ve done side quests, collected all the rock carvings, have all Dino bones I can get without reaching the end to get the last 8, I have killed quite a few legendary animals and, well I have had a trail of bodies behind me for the longest time.

I love this game, I love the toll it has taken upon my soul, and I just admire every nuance placed in the game. Every single thing you can find has a story to that and I fucking eat that shit up. Walking by a battlefield with maybe some bones, a broken wall, and a delapidated building in this game?

A story unfolds and not a word needs to be said. Do that in another game like, dare I say Uncharted, while it is a beautiful game and on of my top 10 of all time, most of the scenes you traverse through fall apart as you go through it, and since the game is highly cinematic, the narrative is already telling you what happened. Again absolute favorite game, but it doesn’t do it the same way as RDR2.

I am glad I have ‘wasted’ so much time in the game and I can’t even tell you if I’ll finish it for another couple months.

1.Getting to Actually Play/Buy games 2018T

Yeah, it’s simple but it’s true. The fact that I’ve had the chance to buy God of War, Spider-Man, and RDR2 this year within a week of their release makes me ecstatic. I have never been able to do so and still afford my livelihood.

I finally found a balance that I could manage entertainment and responsibility. It showed me I could handle it, I could enjoy myself and take care of what I need to get done. While I may have been in a less than ideal situation, it told me I could have my cake and eat it too.

While it may not be much to exaggerate on, I have to say that I’ve never been in a position where I had the money to do so and the mindset to watch my funds so I do what’s right, and vice versa. Having the will to do so and the lack of funds is just as painful. Yet it shows my growth, not just as a gamer but as an adult (which the verdict is still out if I can call myself that but hey).

I’m proud of where I stand and how I can keep gaming a constant joy in my life. 2018 just showed me I can handle both sides of the coin, and for that I am calling this my number 1.

And that’s it for 2018

I can’t thank you guys enough for reading and commenting and occasionally sharing these silly little blogs. I post and hope I might make someone laugh, I talk and hope I can teach someone how to NOT be like me
. I want to take away some of that darkness that seems to shadow the world every day. I want to keep the sadness at bay, especially lately, because the world really does give you plenty to be happy about.

So my goal for 2019 is to keep these posts up. Stay consitent, but not really on a schedule. I think picking certain days kills a little bit of the vibe I’m going for. At least for the moment. So I will post when a bit of news comes along that I feel like I should make comment on, while at the same time giving my spin after doing my research. Before you ask, yes, I’m going to start doing more research, draft writing, and photo editing before post one of these.

While I did before, it was minimum and rushed, mainly because I set a day and ran headlong into the fray because ‘Monday is today! Must post tonight!’ but with a more loose approach I will get back to better quality.

I’ll be working hard to keep the Divorce posts separate but sometimes they may just bleed in depending on what happens from day to day.

Otherwise, thanks again you beautiful fuckers, which I mean with all respect. Let’s keep 2019 rolling forward and hope we all fair better than 2018.



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