Before we launch into the spooks, let me just wish everyone a safe, fun, and spoopy Halloween! I will be stuck toiling away at work once this goes live but for those lucky enough to be going out and living it up with the undead masses (aka Trick or Treaters or Party Goers), enjoy it!

With that out of the way, I wanted to talk about the one thing in current gaming that has me covered with chills, from my spine right down to my toes. This time, I’m not talking about a trope, following in the footsteps of my Alma post, I’ll be talking about a specific character.

Lisa from P.T.

For those who weren’t lucky enough to play it, P.T. or Playable Teaser was supposed to be a tie into the now-canceled Silent Hills, which was basically a spiritual connecting game to the Silent Hill series. If you really want to know just what the game was like, just do a quick Youtube search and you’ll know exactly where nightmare fuel comes from. This morbidly beautiful creation pulls every classic video game horror trope and cranks it all up to 11. It sets you on edge from the moment you start the game up. While the muffled voices, the radio that once in a while talks directly to you, and the swinging chandeliers are genuinely upsetting, they don’t even compare to Lisa.

The ghostly apparition of a mother of a murdered family, Lisa stalks the halls of the ever-looping house waiting to take you down. A little backstory, Lisa’s husband killed her and her kids before putting an end to himself. Throughout the teaser, you find random clues alluding to her being the one haunting you. Every trip around, your sanity wanes more and more and you begin seeing her standing down hallways. Her body shaking violently, her head jerking around in such an unnatural fashion, which was enough to make me feel completely paralyzed with fear.

The first time I saw her, I couldn’t move.

I stood frozen, with such an intense fear that if I stepped anywhere closer to her she may be triggered to attack me. Finally, after giving myself a pep talk and swallowing my fear, I pushed forward only to have her vanish. Do you think that made me feel better? Did it give me a moment to breathe?

Hell. No.

I was so terrified, afraid she was right behind me the entire time. I spent many moments turning around just to make sure. It was made worse later when looking at my shadow being cast by the lights of the house, instead of seeing my own, suddenly it was hers. The jerking motion gave me the indication that she was right on top of me. Quickly turning around to just take the lumps she was ready to dish out to find that there was nothing there. Yet the shadow was still there.

Further down the line, she does catch you, gripping your head between her hands, showing off her grotesque face just before the giant crack of your neck snapping. But you didn’t lose, you just start another loop. You can die from her multiple times, each time doesn’t get easier, it’s just as unnerving as the first time.

While you traverse the house, avoiding Lisa, you notice the lack of music or anything else besides the cries of the sink fetus (yes there is indeed one of those), the ticking of the clock, or your own footsteps. This is how scares are done properly.

Sometimes you see her outside a nearby window, other times she’s just chilling down hallways you just walked down, floating there waiting for you. You have to then slowly approach her or risk another death. There was even a feature where if you had a mic, you could call out to her. I still don’t know what it added to the experience, but being able to communicate with this ghostly woman isn’t exactly my idea of a good time.

Lisa, to this day, can cause me unmitigated levels of fear and anxiety just by thinking about P.T. Oddly enough, when I went looking for info on her for this, my whole body visibly shuddered. If that says anything about just how powerful this spoop was.

If you know someone lucky enough to still have P.T. downloaded on their PS4, play it. Lights out, with your buddies tonight. I promise you won’t sleep, and you’ll make your Halloween spoopy indeed.


P.S. I want to thank all of those who’ve read all the days I’ve done this month. I’m going to try to keep interesting content coming out. Hopefully, soon enough I’ll have a rhythm down to keep the lot of you entertained. Happy Halloween!



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