Look in the mirror. Go on I’ll wait. Get a good look at yourself, all your features, all your flaws. Memorize it. Then take a deep breath and let your mind wander to what would happen if every single one of these qualities was contorted in grotesque fashions.

Does this leave you feeling freaked out? Does it eat away at you, knowing that some freak accident or some weird genetic virus could turn you into something so unrecognizable that you fear to look in the mirror in fear of what you’ll see?

It should. This is the reality that we play in with games like Dead Space and Halo, and in this case, I am taking the time to talk about the former. Dead Space already gives you the feeling of isolation, suspense, and insanity (all of which I’ve already covered) but what holds it in a spot here is none of that. The winner here is the god. damn. necromorphs. These buggers are the epitome of mutation horror. They were former crew, friend or otherwise, that were horrifically changed by alien lifeforms. Being forced to watch one of the base form creatures hop into a corpse, or living being, then suddenly their limbs bend or morph to support giant bone spikes. These monsters then turn around and start gunning for you, forcing you to shut them down with whatever weapon you have on hand.

This monstorus transformation doesn’t just stop with looking terrifying, it makes you think. It makes you realize you could be next, this could be you. Oh god, it might just be me! This sort of fear is primordial, for people like me knowing that I could possibly lose control of anything in my life is enough to bother me. Thinking that my body would be taken over by some sort alien creature takes that even further. Being remembered for something good after I die only goes so far when your corpse resurrects and you go on a rampage killing your friends. The vision of your conturted face will be burned in your friend’s faces right after they have to kill you.


That makes me shudder honestly. That’s what the Necoromorphs get a spot because these feelings are evoked from just the first sight of them. Then you add in those little baby ones from Dead Space 2 and then they’ve topped the list for nightmare fuel.



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