I mentioned a few days back that anything paranormal or demonic/sinister scares the ever loving shit out of me. Including Fatal Frame and Alan Wake in this list was obvious, but I would be remiss if I didn’t include Alma.

If anyone has ever played the first F.E.A.R., they know exactly who I am talking about. This terrifying little girl who acts like a spectre, showing up whenever and whereever she wants just to scare unsuspecting people. Air vents, dark hallways, in windows, you name it, Alma will be there. The world will rip apart around her, while time seems to slow down to enhance just how terrifying this girl is.

While I know the later installments have further elaborated on her backstory, aging her consitantly throughout the entries, yet I think the first game is just enough for me to be rightfully disturbed by her. In fact I think the backstory kind of kills the *ahem* fear aspect of her character, but can’t be choosy when you’re not a game developer.

The basic idea and look for Alma is close to that of the girl from The Grudge or The Ring. The dark hair, the small child form, and the menacing intent match up perfectly, and honestly the child horror vibe always unnerves me on a deep level. Things that usually represent innocence and kindness being horribly morphed into murderous creatures really gets to me. Go figure.

All those traits thrown in with ghost like abilities, showing up when you least expect it creates the perfect recipe to scare Reedicus out of his panticus. (I actually just made that joke…). I can’t begin to tell you how many times I pulled the “Nope” card everytime I would encounter her. The biggest moment I remember was being in an air vent and just moving along at a leasurely pace when suddenly she appears on screen in front of me. It was an instant, but enough for me to step away from my computer and stop for at least 10 minutes.


If this month has taught you or me anything, I was never good at controling my fear levels so I over reacted A LOT. I think I’ve calmed down since then, but I can never be sure, since I still feel like things are staring at me from the darkness and then I overthink that and…. where was I?

Oh yes, Alma is included on this list solely for the reason she terrified a young me without doing so much more than look at me. Granted she probably could have gone in the Things That Go Bump category but she works as a side category all her own. While she isn’t a category, set tone, or atmosphere, she is the first specific instance that just scared me because she was, well herself.

Anyone else played the first F.E.A.R game and remember being absolutely terrified at the site of this ‘girl’ or was it all in my head? Let me know in the comments or just discuss it with your friends.



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