Fear is defined as “an unpleasant feeling triggered by the perception of danger”. It can range from the fear of being jumped scared, the fear of what lurks in the darkness, and even of The King of Pop with cat eyes.

However, we don’t stop to consider the really scary things during the month of October when we are focused on scary costumes or creepy clowns standing in the road. We can be so focused on talking about scary games, horror movies, we forget there are actual problems in the world that are truly scary. I’m not being a downer, not in the least, I’m just taking a moment to talk about something that truly means a lot to me.

Sick and injured kids and the struggles they deal with on a daily basis.

That’s right, I want to talk about something a bit more serious and it just so happens to be fast approaching a yearly event helping those kiddos in need. There are kids all around the country, hell around the entire planet, that suffer from illnesses that may or may not recover. There are also those who are injured and their families can’t afford treatment or the bills after said treatment. It hurts my heart knowing that kids that are close my kid’s age and beyond are unable to live a day without that fear. The fear they have to see another hospital bed, the fear that they have to do another treatment, or fear that they see the strain they put on their family (which kids are very aware of this).

They have to deal with this stress and fear constantly, and I feel like we should make it our goal to help alleviate that fear. I always try to help raise money and awareness for Extra Life just for this reason, and Extra Life Game Day 2018 is fast approaching so what better time than spread the message.

Take the time to imagine the fear of a broken bone or the fear that you may be so sick you have to beg your parents to take you to the doctor. Then go back and think on the fear you had when you first saw Pyramid Head, or when a Big Daddy took his drill arm and skewered you. Compare the two for a moment. Now I’m not trying to take away the feeling you get from playing a horror game, I’m just trying to give a bit of perspective. There are kiddos who rarely get to leave their hospital beds because they have to take treatments on a regular basis. There are also ones who only go in because of a broken arm, to get stitches, or other standard issues, yet the levels of fear in a kid can be the same in either case.

When I was growing up, my best friend was diagnosed with cancer. We were in middle school and he never hit remission until we already were in high school, while he missed a whole hell of a lot of class time. He had back injections for conditions that occurred after his chemo treatments when his immune system began to fail. He went from a black belt in Tae Kwon Do to someone who could hardly get out of bed. I would visit when I could, but if I even had a touch of a cold, I had to stay away. Even after being in remission for a few years, he still cautions me to stay away because he still gets sick extremely easily.

Seeing my friend go through this at such a young age shook the foundation of my reality. Just because we are kids, doesn’t mean we aren’t able to get some of the worst sickness/diseases. Since then, I have felt the need to help those like him and just like other friends I’ve lost along the way. When I look at my kids while they are sick to the point of needing a doctor, I feel helpless while waiting for a trained professional to figure out what’s really wrong and just how to get them better.

That’s why when I found out about Extra Life thanks to the rest of the guys over at Phoenix Overdrive, I was excited for the chance to help. I’ve never been too successful in gathering donations, but I have certainly helped spread the word. Coworkers, friends, family, and sometimes random customers at work.  Getting the word out is half the battle, getting donations is a small part as well, however, the biggest help each year is Game Day. A full day of playing games, raising awareness and showcasing those kids who you will be helping out (if you have the ability to). This year it is slated for Saturday, November 3, which you can stream by yourself or with others in an attempt to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in your area. These hospitals take the donations to help pay the medical bills for families and help so many kids who desperately need treatment.

I always try to set up on Game Day, like PO does every year and they have such a blowout doing so, yet I always work on those days. However this year I’m going to try to take the day off and get with a buddy just for this. If I’m lucky, you might see me post links to my youtube channel if I stream on there, it just depends.

For now, I will drop links to my page (click here) and Phoenix Overdrive’s page which they are holding a raffle for a Nintendo Switch for each ticket sold, which the proceeds go to charity. Also, I’d advise everyone to go view the ‘about’ page on Extra Life’s page to learn more.

Take some time away from the costumes and the candy, think about the kids who may not get the chance to spoop themselves.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to business as usual for Spooptober, so be prepared.



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