We rarely get a chance to revisit childhood innocence, at least getting to experience it over again. We don’t realize how lucky we have it, till that innocence is gone.

My first console was bought by my parents just before their divorce. I believe it was neck and neck with the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo, the lines got a little blurry but I know I had both and I played Donkey Kong Country and Sonic 2 while in the same house just before the family was split apart. That being said, one game that sat out to me next to the water level in DKC, was Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

This game was fantastic, it was simple and delightful in its own way. The theme is simple, the classic horror movie tropes come out to play and you have to save your neighbors. As an adult that concept is as simple as they come but enough to base a game around yet the same cannot be said being a kid. Remember, I’ve had a mighty fear of being alone, a fear of anything even remotely spooky?

Look back at that same kid and watch him as one of the chainsaw men cuts through a nearby hedge. Watch him get so spooked he considers putting the controller down and going back to DKC. Tie in the fact that the story or at least the title of the game states the neighbors have been eaten. Past tense. You just lost the majority of your neighborhood have been devoured by the walking dead and you have to go out all on your own to save whoever remains.

If you see a pattern of overthinking when it comes to me, trust me I’m a pro.

I believe I never finished the game because I was so convinced I couldn’t save everyone left. Also, I was afraid that as the game got harder, the horror movie monsters would get worse and worse (spoiler: they really didn’t). It was this simple idea that sparked so much anxiety in someone so young. It was a fun game, don’t get me wrong, I would love to play it again in a heartbeat if I had the chance. I just love that growing up that even in the heyday of gaming that developers could create such a basic idea and make kids like me (as Markiplier might call little bitch babies) super scared.

Does it scare me now? I don’t think so. Again haven’t been able to play it since I was a kid but just going back and looking at images of the game, I feel like it would be less influential but still hold some of it’s more cheeky charm.

Today I made it short and sweet, just giving a bit of an insight into my childhood before I moved onto more in-depth spoops later down the line. Also work on Sundays, which is when I write this so I can auto upload while I sleep in, are such a bitch and keep me till the late hours. This only gives me a few hours in which to write up a decent (if I can call it so) post. At least trying to stay consistent for the months of Spoops.

Tomorrow’s post will differ just a bit, it will still be about spoops but I want to discuss something that is near and dear to my heart. Be prepared guys.



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