For many people, October is the month of so much joy and angst.

October heralds the coming of Spoopy Time, or better known by the public as Halloween. As a standard for many content creators, which I sometimes consider myself, we turn on the spooky and scary charm by doing Halloween themed stuff left and right. As I write this, I find myself at an impasse.

I’m not a big, well-known creator. I mean I have a Youtube channel with only two videos (one a spectrogram reader for the current Game Theory mystery, the other a video about a Minecraft glitch I experienced with a friend of mine). My blog here doesn’t get many views either, so I’m left to wonder what I can do to shake things up for the Halloween season. A year or so ago, I did a creepypasta exploration and it was kinda liked by those who viewed it.

While I pen down some ideas on what I could do, I only came up with 3 generic ideas that (enter sarcasm mode) haven’t possibly been used by others for years.

I could always do horror game reviews, but that would mean I have to have the spare time to play and review older games. Then I thought of participating in Inktober, only with no artistic skills I could at least do a photoshop version and just follow the daily prompts. The only catch is I would have to come up with a story or background info to pad an article. Or I could be super duper cliche and revisit creepypastas and hope I could find more stories I didn’t get before when I scrapped the bottom of the barrel.

I’m writing this in hopes I can spark something, something deeper in my mind that is being held back by the normal humdrum of overthinking.

I want to be a good content creator, hell, I’d like to be a great one. I don’t want to do it just for the views, but I do want to be noticed. Sound contradictory yet? I always find myself conflicted during months like this, where bigger holidays inspire great bouts of creativity and people who deserve to get recognized sometimes get that recognition. Maybe I focus too much on the want or need of recognition but at the same time, I just want to entertain, get people to enjoy something instead of focusing on the horrible things that seem to take place every 3 seconds in the world.

Basically, this is just a way to clear out the garbage in my mind so maybe I’ll come up with a good idea for Spooptober, while at the same time venting a frustration that maybe I focus too hard on. I’m coming up on the two months that seem to hold themes I could focus on, Halloween in October and No Shave November, which if anyone remembers or follows my social accounts was the month I bearded up many famous video game characters and had some serious fun with it.

I’m going to try to post more this month, but I need to know a theme so it may take a few days to iron one out. After that, Spooptober can begin properly.

For now enjoy my fancy, spooky logo!

-Spookius Rex



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