Today, I wanted to do something a bit different.

As many of you know, I suffer from a multitude of mental and physical ailments. Anxiety, Depression, and General Almost crippling pain are some of the bigger of the issues I deal with on a daily basis. As you can imagine, I have tried my hand at many at home remedies, seeing as how I never seem to have the right insurance to help (thanks American Health System!)

Recently I was introduced to the idea of CBD oil, known technically as Cannabidiol, through a coworker who suffers mostly from higher level of anxiety. He uses it in his vape, and told me as a reason to explain his random trips outside since he doesn’t actually smoke.

Being a smoker myself, and someone who takes at least one smoke break a day while on the clock. Now I’ve heard of CBD oil already, or at least seen some places advertising about selling it near me, I just didn’t know what it actually did. When he explain it had all the benefits of marijuana without the high and the illegality of it all. Me, being the overly cautious sort, was hesitant to pull the trigger on it. Finally he convinced me, saying that it kept him calm during the day, and even helped him calm down in the midst of a panic attack.

Great! This sounded too good to be true! It had to have other reviews, testimonies and what not. While on their website, I read over some of the users who experienced, most talked about constant pain in their daily lives going away, some people experiencing daily anxiety, it gets less noticeable. So, I bit the bullet (obviously), and decided to order a 250 mg bottle of Koi Gold, which I think the flavor is Caramel Vanilla.

Ok so, being honest I didn’t get it through Koi’s website since my bank didn’t accept their card processor is located in the UK, and not in the US and the bank doesn’t exactly like me purchasing from overseas, apparently. So I had my coworker pick it up from the shop he visits, it was a bit more in price but I had it in a matter of a couple of days.

I’ll start off with saying I’m not sponsored by Koi in any way, wasn’t coerced for my opinions. So I am free to speak my mind on the effects I may, or may not, have had.

To start, after pulling my vape out of storage, cause honestly I haven’t used it too much, even though I should have. With vape in hand, I unboxed the bottle, which was simply packaged, nice box, and the bottle looked bigger than I expected, granted if I remembered much when I was ordering it, I’d have realized the size. At this point all I was focused what it could do for me, rather than how much I had.

After my first pull on my vape, I could feel a great relaxation wash over me. I was almost certain this was the placebo effect. I wanted it to do something specific and my mind believed it had, in spades. I hit it a little harder the second time, and the effect continued. Most of my day, I felt calm and complacent. I was almost certain that Koi had finally been the ONE product I could use to help me get through the day without feeling so miserable.

Day 2, well Day 2 wasn’t exactly like the first, I hit a couple of times before work, and it kept me a moderate calm. I’d say it was like day one, but milder in comparison, that was until about five hours passed since I had a hit of CBD. Then my resolve to keep calm plummeted. I couldn’t tell if it was just how crappy the day had been or if it truly worked like withdrawal from anxiety or depression meds I’ve taken in the past. Even taking a hit right after work only served to curb the edge of frustration by a small bit.

The next day I found a way to bring it into work, I mean I wasn’t sure if the airport allowed them in since I didn’t need mine all that often anyway. Lucky for me, they don’t really give a crap about vapes as long as you don’t use them in the terminal. So, I kept it in my bag, and decided to use it like I would go to smoke, I mean… the way the vape was intended all along I suppose. I had to use it a couple of times that day, but it kept me fairly calm on one of the more stressful days, but still not as helpful as I’d first experienced.

From then on my, the effect has stayed pretty much the same. Killed the edge but still not as potent as I first experienced.

The question has to be by now, has it truly helped me?

Well…Yeah… In a way.

The benefits thus far are:

Help with sleep, I mean I usually have had a tough time sleeping or falling asleep. Since I started using Koi, it’s been noticeable that my sleep has been deeper and comes a bit easier. I’m even dreaming again too! I haven’t dreamt in a long while and ever since I started using it, I’ve had more. Sometimes not for the better, nightmares aren’t exactly fantastic when they occur. The only reason I ever was ok with no dreams is because it also meant no nightmares.

I can handle certain irritants a bit better. Yeah, the curbing of the edge of anxiety has kept me in a position to handle the bs I may deal with on a daily basis.

Even some of my more chronic leg and feet pain have all but faded away, they are less frequent and only spike when I’m in a position to set it off no matter what (standing for too long in one spot is a killer).

And, I have a clearer head when I’m trying to focus on something. I used to have what is best described as brain fog, I mean I still have it on occasion but usually occurs when I try to focus on something big, like these entries for example. I’d space out, lose track of words, and just struggle to keep pressing on. Using Koi CBD has alleviated the strain and haziness of BF at least for the most part. I’ve been able to keep focus and hopefully it continues so I can keep up with these projects.


Now for the Bad

So it’s not all sunshine and rainbows since I’ve started this journey. Those benefits also have some downsides to them.

I said earlier that on Day 2 after 5 hours my resolve all but left my body? It seems to be a constant factor. Something I will constantly have to deal with. Like my old anxiety meds, there is some adverse affects for someone like me…

Important Note: Not Everyone Is affected in the same way to certain medicines/products. My experiences could just be my own. You may not have this experience. This in no way says it’s the products fault, it’s just the type of product and the layout of my brain.

Now with that out of the way, this experience is at an extreme. Meaning if I am at a higher level of anger, or frustration, this can break my calm, like a normal person, however I’ve just had a weird reaction when off medication or in this case the CBD. I’ve not experienced this kind of frustration in years, seeing as how I haven’t had meds since at least 3 years now. At home remedies, like random supplements haven’t made it emerge but the brain fog has been persistent.

The constant cough when I intake/hold too much. Granted this has been a constant thing with the vape, even a minimum pull of on could do it. With this oil seems to be harder to avoid a cough.

The effect it causes seems to diminish quicker, sometimes I can feel the good it has been doing lasting less and less. It’s still there and yet it minimum. Again, maybe it’s just my particular body chemistry can’t process chemicals that help with these particular issues. Maybe I only can process things like it for only so long before the affect is minimal to me.

The Takeaway:

Koi CBD is enjoyable, helpful, and is in an easy to use package. While it does has some odd side affects with me personally. It has made my days a bit easier since I’ve taken it, but it has had me super cautious and mindful when I should use it and how long it may or may not last. My frustration levels are a side effect I don’t particularly enjoy, and I will have to find some sort of work around to keep my anger in check while using it.

Would I recommend using it? Yes, if you suffer from chronic pain, have mild anxiety or looking for something that might help you through something that maybe something you can’t quite manage on a daily basis. It’s worth a try, I mean I would think so. I took a leap of faith and I’m moderately happy with the results.

Remember, everyone’s brain chemistry is different, giving this a try doesn’t damn you necessarily, but it can be a bit different for you than it is for me. Hell, it could be better for you, if you can process things better than I do, but that also goes to say it could have the opposite effect. Just keep that in mind if you’re on the fence.

For any of those who decide to buy after this, consider talking to your bank before you buy, that way the company can be the one that processes the order. Also the resellers always add like 10 or 20 bucks for convenience. Just visit them on their website (Koi CBD), read some testimonials and see if you want to use it.

I personally will work through my bottle and contemplate a higher ml to see if the effect is different for someone like me.

-Reedicus Rex

P.S. For those of you worried about gaming content, well no worries. I’m right in the middle of finishing my gameplay for We Happy Few, and a review is incoming!


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