So I sat here debating if I should talk about the current situation over at IGN or about the irritating fact that the Spyro: Reignited Trilogy is only going to have ONE game on the disc.

Obviously I opted for the IGN issue, but that doesn’t make me any less furious about what Activision is doing with one of my favorite series.

So recently, an IGN writer ‘reviewed’ the game Dead Cells, by Publisher Motion Twin. Not long after it was posted, people found out it was completely ripped off a somewhat unknown (not anymore I’m sure) Youtuber Boomstick Gaming. His words were essentially copy and pasted by the IGN reviewer, and when you place them side by side you can definitely see how the allegations are more than likely true.

To make their guilt even more obvious, IGN issued a statement saying how sorry they were specifically to Boomstick more than anyone else. Yes they apologized to their fan base to protect their image, and what not but they named the Youtuber in question which solidifies they know the content was plagiarized. They then stated they sacked the writer, meaning that it’s no longer an allegation than it is a factual statement.

That man, a well paid individual who got to play and review games for a living, stole from an individual who was a smaller Youtuber writing his own review for what could possibly be free, depending on his follower count before the theft.

I barely learned about the situation on my way home tonight, I did a coursary scan of twitter for what I could find, checked out Boomstick Gaming’s channel, and it was quite obvious within 5 minutes that this guy cheaped out of playing the game for the Switch, he probably just did a broad search on Youtube for “Dead Cells Reviews” and picked the one with views on the lower end.

It’s like the modern day version of taking your friend’s older brother’s history report and getting a lower grade in high school.

This left me with two thoughts:



Were you thinking?

The answers may surprise you!

I mean, I don’t have the answers but I bet they’ll be surprising.

While on my Twitter search, I found the writer in question, while I wont name him, I will say that four days ago, he was very excited for his first video he edited on IGN. Well, just like plenty of people thought before me, it was also his last. He held a career there, for what I could find, of less than a year. Starting back in November of 2017, the guy had a job reviewing games. He attened E3, got advanced copies of games, etc, etc. He had my dream job and on his first video editing job.

If I was in that position, I would taken every step to keep the job. I might have wanted to go against the grain and be more cynical where others go with the status quo but hell I would make DAMN sure I didn’t just take the easy way out.

Why, in this day and age of the Internet would you try to rip off other people’s work, because with a quick google search you could easily find out if you did. And, if the person you’re ripping off just so happen to be fans of the publication you work for, which in this case seems like they were, they would easily hear their own words being spit back at them.

This just infuriates me on a deep, instictual level, because inside, my true dream job has always been writing reviews for games. Getting the advanced copies, getting to go to E3, being recognized by an outlet than has been known to produce good content as much as they pump out scandals.

So, to you, the writer who thought he could get away with taking someone’s work and using it as your own; Shame on you, while I feel bad you will probably be blacklisted and wont be able to get another writing gig for a long, loooooong time, I also can’t feel bad because you did this to yourself. You were at the top, or at least where I envision the top, and you just had to phone it all in.

This goes to serve as a lesson for everyone. Respect everyone’s work, they worked their asses off to get content out, they put their thoughts on the line and are proud of it. You probably produce content too, and if you do, that’s great. Just imagine how you’d feel if someone took credit for your work. Feel Bad?

Good, then don’t mess with other’s work.

Also, if Nintendo wants better representation in the media, I’m very available and would be very happy to get my hands on a Nintendo Switch. I’m just sayin. (Not desperate sounding at all!)

-Reedicus Rex


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