You ever been stressed? I know I have been.

Hell I’m just starting to come out of financial stress and I am getting back to a less stressful life.

What isn’t without stress is video games, I mean can’t be all around perfect can they? It could be a certain type of mission, (escort missions=shite), or how a games mechanics work,or rather how they don’t work. Either way, we have our own stress to deal with while the controller is in hand.

I wanted to write about this during a fresh bout of frustration so I could write from the right perspective. Like I mentioned last week, I recently started playing the all around loved The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

As most of you read, I wasn’t exactly sure why people like it so much, but as an open world game I inherently loved the concept. I talked about what I hated about open world games that The Witcher 3  opened my eyes to. If you must know, I still stuck around to play more of it, and I’m finally onto the rest of the story as of tonight because of how frustrated it has made me.

“Why would frustration make you finish the story?” You must be asking yourself, if didn’t, well go ahead and do so. I’ll wait….

Did you ask it? That’s a very  good question!

Because I got so frustrated, so sick and tired of the bullshit side quests involving Racing your horse Roach, and the asinine saving and load times! And before you go on to tell me the game came out in 2015, things have gotten better, stop before you insult both me and your intelligence because that is not a decent standard to hold any game to anymore.

It is so damn stressful to fail at a race where I instant fail if I swerve even an inch off the race path, and you can’t redo like so many of the other races in the game. So you reload from a checkpoint but you have to wait for it to load, and as it loads you get to hear Future Dandelion giving you your story hint (which you can’t skip!!), and watch as it claims to be loading in a percentage bar at the bottom, which takes fucking forever, then it switches screens to another loading screen which takes even longer to get you to where you are.

This… on a normal mission after dying, you know from falling 4 feet, the load time is bearable, but for something that just had you in the mindset of fast paced horse racing, it becomes infuriating.

Maybe I am just a weird individual, but I absolutely hate poorly designed or executed load screens. For bigger, open world games, the load times can be minimal, but still enough to be irksome. I’m not ignorant to that, I swear. I’m not so ungrateful to expect everything to be given to me instantly.

But even in 2015, people filled the internet with vehement hate for the load times. It isn’t just being compared to current standards, it was judged during the time it was released.

I have heard so much about The Witcher 3 for years, good things, hell great things. Just before my friend gave me a copy he said “just remember, it starts slow”. I know he was talking about the story, which it took so damn long to get the point, he also had to mean the horrible load times getting in and out of the game.

It’s so frustrating, and when paired with stupid, insta fail mini games with a poor programmed riding mechanic it gets to a point where I just want to be done with the game.

The main story dialogue even made a joke I would have made, but I didn’t laugh, I was still so irritated I just didn’t care.

Things like these just kill enjoyment of a game, I’m going back to it tonight, but I don’t know how long I’m going to stick with it.

What are some things that frustrate you with games that ruin a game for you? Let me know by tweeting me @ReedicusRex on twitter or commenting below.

-Reedicus Rex


I am starting to get my new work schedule worked out where I can plan writing accordingly. And with the financial stress I mentioned earlier being alleviated and getting better as I go, I might have more projects in the pipeline. More details later, thanks again for your patience


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