So I wont lie, this was one of the only pressers I really cared about.

I mean sure I want to see Sony, even though they are taking the fun away from it by dropping a game a day before the event. Though Twin Mirror and Beat Saber are pretty freakin dope.

Please don’t judge me for saying dope…. I know I’m uncool, just let me have this.

So While I wanted to do a recap of the show, you know just like I blandly described all of EA’s press event and added my thoughts, I feel compelled to gush about what an event this was.

From Andrew W. K. to Starfield

With sass towards Wal Mart Canada, you know “Those with the lowest prices as well as those who can’t keep a secret”. I’m paraphrasing a bit, we started off with Rage 2 and it looked phenomenal, I mean I never gave the first Rage any time because well… I was frankly bored, but this looked so good.

Not totally sure what a “Ranger” is, if I have to play the first to get it, I might, but apparently our protagonist Walker is the last of them. He also has some bad ass weapons, as well as the badass lone wolf origin story. We got to see some of the playing of a mission from the game and I have to say, color me signed up for Spring 2019.

Next they talked about the card game Elder Scrolls Legends on mobile, which they told us about upping the graphics and then bringing it to the 3 Major consoles, yep the Switch included. Progress transfers over, just saying.

Elder Scrolls online also got lots of love and talks of future DLC, Wolf Hunter and Murkmire. Those who wanted Argonia backstory, whelp, now you’re getting it. This truly makes me want to play it, but I never know when I’ll have the time. It looks beautiful, I’ve never stared at it for to long because MMO’s are not my favorite games.

We also got hyped up for Quake Championships with a trial before it launches, as well as a nod saying those who download this week get it for free even after the trial. Not sure if that just mean play for free till the game comes out or if that’s it…

Prey getting some bizarre DLC called Moon Crasher, and it’s supposedly out free tonight as well as a few other updates for Prey that make the game very interesting for those who haven’t put in the game in a while. Story Mode, New Game+ and so on. Looks like I’ll be popping in the game soon so I can check it all out.

Also getting a Multiplayer Aspect called Typhon Hunter, which allows you to be a Mimic and have others hunt you down. It sounds sooooo bad ass.

And Saving All Nerdgasms for Last

So I skipped a certain reveal in the line up before Prey and Quake that I wanted to saddle along with what I think truly stole the show tonight.

Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein Youngblood, Fallout 76, Elder Scrolls Blades (Mobile), Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI

So I waited way too long before to play the redo of DOOM and I loved every minute of what I played, so I’ve been waiting a considerably lower time than others for a continuation of the Demon ass kicking tale of DOOM Guy. This tiny teaser gave us Hell On Earth, all these far away previews of Demons we are familiar with, ending with DOOM guy crushing a skull, loading a shotgun and then boom… Logo Drop. And just like that, we get teased with a Quake Con debut. I live near where they host the event so I might sneak away and attend just for this.

Wolfenstein:Youngblood, at first I thought by the name it was a joke, because, you know, Old Blood… But it turns out to be a true sequel set in the 1980’s. Main characters are set to be the Twin Daughters of BJ, which honestly I haven’t had a chance to beat Wolfenstein 2 yet so kinda spoiled, kinda not. Either way I don’t care, this game looks to be, from what little we’ve seen, to be just as full of Nazi ass kicking as the other titles, but with a Co-op twist. I like the idea, I like the passing of the torch. This will be a definite game for me in 2019

Fallout 76, we’ve known about this for, what, a week? Well guess what, we don’t get it right away. Todd Howard, aka The Bane of Internet Posters, gave us the run around, knowing exactly why we wanted to watch Bethesda’s conference… Skyrim on the next best place.

Skyrim on Alexa. Eating all the Cheese. And then on a Pager, and then on a Smart Fridge. Skyrim Very Special Edition.

Jokes aside, and the proverbial shot taken at the internet, we get more info on Fallout 76. Yes it’s completely online, it’s multiplayer, all other inhabitants in the world are players, minus the monsters out there. Which those mutated freaks of nature are fucking terrifying. I mean, they are taking West Virginian lore and turning them into mutated creatures. Camp/Base building, joining with people or taking them down, and even the option to launch your own nuclear strikes on cities, which then yield rare rewards. You can die, but that doesn’t halt your journey, make you lose your progress, you keep it and then I guess respawn and keep going.

Everything about Fallout 76 looks and sounds amazing, as well as new and scary on both a development side and a gamer side, but it can bring a new element to an already amazing world. Also their Power Armor Collector’s Edition is going to include a fully functional Power Armor Helmet. Can’t fucking go wrong with that and the Nov 14 2018 release date.

Elder Scrolls Blades for mobile, PC, and VR, is a basic Elder Scrolls adventure as a member of the royal guards The Blades of the empire. A fully fleshed story, arena, and other modes. It is a console graphic game on a mobile phone, touch screen movement which follows the flow of your hands for attacks, and can work in portrait mode (Which Todd seemed especially proud of). You can cross play with people from your phone with people playing in VR. Not much for me as I don’t have a very powerful phone or VR, but hey this is a fantastic step in the cross platform and Elder Scrolls realms. It makes for interesting advances in techniques, both from the company and the devices.

To wrap it up we also get told about the future, you know right after I closed my notebook, Starfield, a lite preview of pretty much nothing but space, a satellite and a weird worm hole/ warp effect occurred. But hey it was confirmed. As well as Elder Scrolls VI, it is apparently in the works for AFTER Starfield. Either way this makes me excited for the future of Bethesda. They smashed my exceptions for E3, I am super stoked for the rest of this year, and beyond. Bethesda… thank you so much for making my E3 (So Far).


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