Me? An overthinker? Whaaaaaat?! No…

Ok so maybe I am I, and if you read my last post, talking all about Bethesda’s teaser for Fallout 76, besides bungling the areas in which 3 and 4 were set in (swapping them and then finding out at work the next day I messed up), you would have seen a whole lot of thought put into a single Test Screen and a Vault Boy bobblehead.

I was wrong in all regards, I mean I’m a bit sad but learning the real release being Fallout 76 made me feel a bit better. I spent all that time and never considered one possibility, the Vault mentioned in Fallout 3 and 4 opening merely 20 years after the bombs drop. The one thought I should have had, but just over looked. But no one is right all the time folks (don’t tell my wife).

But while that was breaking, I was also looking into other companies and patents to get a glimpse into the possible E3 showings. I looked at all the major companies, at least the ones I could remember, I even scoped out some sources of leaks around the internet who are generally reliable, and some who just jump the shark every time. What I composed is a list of possible reveals for the event coming very soon. If I have it written down and it was confirmed/announced early by  said company, I will make a note of it.

The Patents:

So let’s start off with Sony, which is a suuuuuper short list because the only patents I could find were from years and years ago, and while checking and double checking, I found had either just been released/announced last year or early this year. There was one, however, that was fairly recent and it made me raise an eyebrow.


Sackboy: Given it was only the name, no other notes were on it, and it could mean two things; Sony wants to keep their hands on their LBP mascot in fear of people trying to claim it for themselves, or a Little Big Planet 4/Spin off title is in the works and just about ready to tease at E3. I can’t say how likely that is but we haven’t seen a LBP game since 3 came out in 2014. We could go for some lighthearted level creator games right about now, to fill the void left by God of War, or as a stop-gap between the next big titles for the PS4.

Can I be wrong? Probably, but the patent was filed 11/17/2017 and registered in April of this year. What purpose does it serve to put a hand on something like Sackboy just because? It was a pretty popular franchise, it blew a lot of people away, including me, at how charming and ultimately cringy it could be.

My E3 Call: Sackboy/LBP 4 will be a title they tease in some way at the Sony presser. Whether it be just by a title card mixed in with a whole bunch of others with a statement “And tons more games to come this and next year!” or by a teaser image, we have a high chance the ragdoll king will make an appearance.


So I saw a handful of patents, some like Beyond Good and Evil are obvious as the company has already confirmed they will talk about it during their panel, However, two in particular have me interested, one more so backed in facts and leaks, and the other… well it’s just odd as hell.


Splinter Cell: 

Recently the three green light goggle wearing Sam Fisher showed up as DLC for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. However, it has been heavily speculated, what with leaks and rumors, that he would once again have his own solo game in Splinter Cell. Well there is a current patent for Splinter Cell, which can easily be dismissed as it being for his DLC appearance, but it is highly likely stealth world may celebrate the “last one” in his field with a whole new franchise.


Now this is the weird as hell one, I mean, I’m not even excited because I don’t remember the original run of the game by the original developer, yet Ubisoft felt they needed to patent the name very recently. This was a couple games that looked like learning games, one’s that kids would find themselves playing for hours, like Pajama Sam and the like.

Again not excited, and frankly if they make this a big drop, depends on how they play it, then I highly surprised. Just something to keep your eyes out for, I guess. But really the only patents that were out of the already confirmed pool.


We should probably just skip past this one… I mean the only patent that still seems to be alive in the US market is Eternal Darkness. I mean all the latest Nintendo games are there, which is why there isn’t much to take away on this other than instilling super false hope that ED would come back in some form or fashion… NEXT!!!!


To sum up what I found of Microsoft would be simply stating this; they are trying to rework themselves and cling to the past at the same time…


I couldn’t get the name down just right, buuut the description is for a VR type device, which I guess with the “Mixed Reality” goggles not doing so well in comparison to the Oculus Rift, they decided to try again. Not much else was found on it but it does serve to show that there have been rumblings of Microsoft needing to rethink their VR strategy. Maybe this E3 they will use it for their games and make it a big deal… I mean anything could happen right?


Another Halo:

I grew up on Halo, I was a teen, but most people still grow after that point so yeah. The one regret I have about not being on Team Xbox in anyway is the lack of Halo content I have. The series was so iconic and so amazing, it formed many old friendships and sleepless nights. But it looks like there might be a new title drop this E3 as a recent patent has shown up for the big green X. So fans, rejoice, we might get another go round! (Get it… cause halos are circular…)

Honorable Mentions:

With many things, I could not come up with much else, then again I’ve been working like a dog and can’t dive deep as I want to, to find juicy leaks myself but these few get mentions for things I’ve heard second hand that aren’t overly shocking, but good to know about.

Watch Dogs 3 and Assassin’s Creed


Now most everybody knows Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was confirmed, first through keychain, then through Ubi as a whole so, yeah, not much of a find on that one but, rumor has it Watch Dogs 3 will be dropped and show off their main character(s). I don’t have much else to go on, but it’s nice to hear whispers of games I find great, and I guess AC is good too..


Just noting this with nothing but confusion, Bioware recently patented their name. That was it. So maybe a logo update to go with a new trailer later, or something along that line? I just couldn’t make too much more out of it without walking in circles.

Patents Pending:

Since that’s all I could find on the bigger companies, I just have to say that if any of these dropped at E3 or even later this year, I’d be patting myself on my back, but also genuinely interested in about half of them.

To think that E3 is so close yet so far, and I have already done so much speculation and research, at least to the point where I’m writing about it amazes me. I guess I have just been trying to prove to myself that I am meant for more than customer/food service and that maybe the more I write, the more I can improve and grow in a journalistic capacity.

Regardless, I will have more articles in the next couple of days, leading up to E3, one I want to do a blind, no analysis, more wish list style article, while others, I’m going to try to find new sources and new info. Stay Tuned.

-Reedicus Rex



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