So, unless you have kept your own media blackout going on pre E3, you may have seen Bethesda pull a power move.

In normal fashion, Bethesda dangles a shiny object in our faces and expects us to pay full attention while we gear up for the E3 festivities. I remember doing a similar action for Fallout 4, they teased it, then showed the big reveal but on the lowest scale so you keep tuned for their panel at E3. It’s their goal to hook you in, and they do a damn fine job for theorists like me.

While I was looking into patents to write a post this weekend, I saw that Bethesda posted their token test image with the typical writing “Please Stand By”. As I dug deeper I found they started a stream on Twitch where, at the moment of writing this, they just have the test screen in the background and a Vault Boy bobble head present. The Vault Boy is currently asleep with the lights dimmed, a Fallout watch as his pillow, and covered in something random as a blanket.


While at first, it could have been a teaser for their unannounced new IP, Starbound, but with the inclusion of the bobble head, it cinches it that Fallout is getting a new entry or a remaster. So knowing how my brain works, I had to try to dive deeper into what exactly what could happen and it isn’t like Bethesda didn’t leave us any clues.

In the image, you can clearly see something that isn’t common in the televisions in the Fallout universe.. Color. There are at least 4 distinct colors, which signal that what we’re going to see from the loading screen pull away we have come to know from the Fallout franchise, we’ll see a color tv. At least that’s something we can hope to see, since the Fallout universe is famously nuked in the 2077, at least that’s what I can gather from the timeline, but is heavy influenced by the 1950’s and 60’s in terms of style and fashion, so the color tv’s apparently hadn’t been created, while in our timeline we have them in 2018.

If color tv was not a priority, even with all their advancements in robotics and technology, it is rather sad but it doesn’t completely rule out that someone, somewhere decided to tinker with color tvs. The first of which that appeared in our world was in the 1950’s, in New York. So jumping at a rather often requested location with this, I can excitedly hope that maybe, just maybe Fallout 5: New York is a thing.

Jumping to conclusions?

Sure I am! But then again there are other theories I have worked through in the span of maybe an hour.

Watching some of the videos of those who normal commentate on things like these, someone brought up a good point, in a rather ominous way. Someone watching this Youtuber’s stream, he commented “you have already spoke the truth” and then gave a cryptic code “1958 1905V” which caused me to dive even deeper into the theory well.

A standard search of just the code comes up with… well… nothing tangible. Automobiles for Veterans, baseball rosters for 1958. But when you start adding code words, with a little of what we had from Bethesda, the color tv invention. It doesn’t correlate with much, the first color tv happened after 1905, but 1958 gives us talk about the second country in the world to have Color tv which would be Cuba. So Fallout: Cuba?


Unlikely but an interesting thought by departing the US. However Cuba is a nuclear wasteland after the Great War. I have no idea if it would be a good idea to just plop people down in the middle of an island nation that got decimated, but hey it’s something that could be considered. Some lore exists about factions surviving even with the nuclear storms ravaging Cuba, so it is possible we can take over after certain factions has a foothold, or something along those lines.

So moving away from the Cuba angle, there is also the case of how the numbers correspond to dates, and these dates paired with atomic energy attached give us a real life person known as Gordon Dean, an american lawyer and a chairman of the US Atomic Energy Commission. Which is huge, in a way, because how close to the subject can you really get?

From this we can extrapolate a few things, he was born in Seattle Washington, which hasn’t been super explored in the Fallout lore, other than concept art, as well as a place to visit in the cancelled Fallout Extreme. I can’t state if there is any other connections to that, but it seems more likely since it’s been mentioned and almost used more than a few other places. His death was in Nantucket, Ma, which is the same state as we explored in Fallout 3, Boston MA. So we can jump to hyper conclusion and go off of the ten year anniversary of Fallout 3, which hasn’t been remastered (don’t think I don’t consider this a possibility), and was one of the bigger successes for the company, and start anew in Seattle.


While Fallout: Seattle would be fantastic, it is the more obvious play at a possible sequel, it might be harder to work with, seeing as how they scrapped the use before.

Now could it just end up being a remaster of Fallout 3 on it’s ten year anniversary, but honestly I would just hope a new Fallout game is in the pipeline.

So that took me away from my scheduled writing, and speculating but I’m glad I had the chance to give this a look. As I mentioned I have some speculation for the end of the week, patent filing, leaks, etc so keep close everybody.

Is there any clues I missed? Something I may have not looked hard enough at? Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter @ReedicusRex.



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