So as anyone who knows me, they know how much I would love to attend E3.


Having a ring side seat for the biggest video game conference of the year would be absolutely amazing. The booths, the events, the reveals, the console specific floor shows, getting to play games before anyone else (granted not the guy standing next to you playing). The myth, the wonder, the awe inspiring moment of stepping onto that conference floor, fullfilling my dream of seeing E3 in person would just be the highlight of my gaming career. Aside from a return trip, or a trip with a press pass that is.

With that being said, those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to go have, over the years, found ways to cope. The introduction of Tv channels, like G4, gave us a tiny glimpse into show conferences and play test areas, which evolved to other media groups live streaming the entire show to a waiting public. We’ve also turned to betting or speculating on the announcements for the event itself. Will we see a new Final Fantasy? Did Nintendo come prepared this year with something better than Smash or Mario? IS HALF-LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!!!!!!??!?!?

In the spirit of this, and as another year passing that I am unable to attend, I give into my speculative nature and start down the path of trying to guess what each console giant will be releasing. Sure it may be a fruitless effort, sure I may spend more man hours into a theory than into finishing God Of War so I can do a review on it, and sure I may (more than a 100% sure) will be wrong but hey, I don’t get to go. I will probably miss most of the live coverage, but I’ll be damned if I miss out on the fun of things because of adulting.

Adulting be damned! Let’s get speculating!

One Stop Shop For All Your Leaks

So a couple weeks ago, Walmart Canada leaked on their website black case images for up coming game releases. Well I’m not so certain they are leaks as they are just product info the web host decided not to double check if they should put it online or not. I guess in a way is a leak, but I prefer incompetent content management.

Regardless there are several boxes that would raise a few eyebrows, but first lets look at the ones we already expect to see from this image here.

2018 case leak

The most obvious ‘reveals’ here in the original find have to be Just Cause 4, Rage 2 (which was confirmed regardless), another Lego DC game (Villains), and another Forza Horizon, though not entirely sure why they skipped an installment but I’ll just roll with it. Out of these, the biggest response will probably be for Rage 2 and Lego DC Villains. Weird choices yes, but this shows were our gaming market is. Just Cause has a distinct fan base of either people using it as an outlet for fictional destruction or just not sure what it is but has heard good things. Forza Horizon will get a lukewarm response in general from the die hard fans but unless they find something else to break the ground on in racing, not much of a wave will be had.

However the biggest points I think very few people expected have to be: Splinter Cell, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Gears of War 5, and Borderlands 3.

Splinter Cell protagonist Sam Fisher made an appearance in Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC, but I’m not sure if we ever bet on having the “last one” in espionage  come back in his own game again. Michael Ironside finally reprised his role in the DLC, which is huge, but apparently that meant he is leaning towards his own game. Do I think it’s possible? Sure, I mean why not, we’ve been in need of a bit of better espionage in our lives, so this is the right time for him, but do people still want him? I go with yes. So plan on seeing a reveal from Ubisoft, maybe as one of their closers this year.

Verdict: Yes, likely, and one of their closers this year. Unless they have some magic trick or if that Assassin’s Creed box is accurate as well. Then maybe a mid palette cleanser.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 I’m calling a filler box, as in this is a pure speculative bit of info, thrown out by “leaks” to get people hyped. Ubisoft didn’t have much to show off when they announced the project was still alive. Why now would they have enough done to promise a release by the end of the year or next year. I’m definitely calling no way. Maybe a progress trailer but nothing more.

Verdict: Not happening this year. (Though I’d like to be wrong)

Gears of War 5 is the title that’s been sitting in the shadowed corner for it’s time to step out and be all badass. Problems is it’s been close to 2 years and I’m not entirely sure where 4 left off. I kind of quit playing Xbox consoles so I never saw the ending of 4, but I truly wonder how much they can get from the concept that for a brief moment rivaled Halo in my heart. Though I really think that this would kill it for Xbox this year, having a title like this may bring in some of that needed cash to get it moving back up in the console ranks.

Verdict: Unsure, but it could happen, and could be one of Microsoft’s big anchor points during the conference.

Borderlands 3 has been needed, at least from my standpoint, for a long while. I recently revisited the world of Pandora with Tales from the Borderlands, I put off playing it for far too long. This taste of the bandits, psychos, and guns reawakened the love I had/have for this series. Seeing the black box with Borderlands 3 on it made me a bit giddy. The problem is will it be revealed this year or next? To my current knowledge, Gearbox hasn’t released anything big in at least 2 years besides Desert Bus VR. They could have been using this time to develop Borderlands 3, I mean we seen test effects done at confrences using Borderlands imagery, at PAX West 2017, Randy Pritchford even said they were “working on the thing I think most of you guys want us to be working on”. What else could point to BL3? Maybe a Colonial Marines sequel?

Verdict: This is more of a want, I can see all signs point to yes on this one, but I’ve been fanboy wrong before. This will be one that makes a lot of people happy, but the reveal will have to be grand in scope to shake people awake again. Maybe a special event closer.

Now the rest of the image shows games like Metroid Prime (4), Assassin’s Creed, Smash Bros, and Final Fantasy VII Remake, but the Metroid Prime announcement is not a huge thing, as we’ve seen more than our fair share of remakes so this could honestly be a hint at a remaster of the originals for the Switch. I wont hold my breath for that or FF VII Remake, as I have already read that the remake has been pushed back again and again so I don’t see much going for this game. If Metroid Prime gets revealed and it’s not a remaster, then I’ll get excited.

Assassin’s Creed? Nah, I expect more and more from them over the years, like every year or so a new game comes out. Not excited, still haven’t played the last one because the ones prior have just been so bland.

Smash Bros? Obvious release for the Switch, it’s been talked about, sure it’s likely and I’m not overly hyped if it does or doesn’t get announced.

Since the I came across this image of the leak, I checked out Wal Mart Canada for myself and found some of these still exist, some have had their cover art added (Rage 2), and some have flat out vanished.

Though some very interesting ones have popped up, a white display case with the word Pokemon has appeared for the Nintendo Switch, which is referring to the stand alone RPG we were promised a while ago. So this has piqued my interest and I damn sure want this to be a Nintendo reveal, it will finally seal the deal for me getting a Switch either by Christmas or Next Tax Season. I’m hoping for this one.

Yoshi also has their own white box for the Switch, and I saw earlier today a joke video talking about a Yoshi leak so maybe this one is a thing. I can’t say I’m uber excited but I can say this would be another easy win for Nintendo. Will it happen, I’m leaning on rather likely but Nintendo this year may mature it up a bit, seeing as how they let Wolfenstien 2 on the Switch.


To note, I know I didn’t mention the one’s like Destiny Comet, which a bunch of people are theorizing it being another Destiny title, and Insurgence: Sandstorm, nor am I mentioning the sports titles. First of all, sports titles are just sports titles, it’s pretty common nature ti see them come out with another one. The others, well I have no info to go off of, and even without a hint of information, I wont say no or yes to either one. So I will let those sit where they are.

We made it through the first batch, and still have a little bit of time before E3 rolls around. Do you agree with these speculations? Do you disagree? Let me know what you think and be ready for another installment soon. I’m going to try to break down each console, and possibly multiple devs, and give my picks for 2018’s  E3.

-Reedicus Rex


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