Every May, there comes a day that geeks and nerds alike all get super excited for.

Not just weirdos like me who get excited to the days leading up to May and playing meme king for Justin Timberlake “It’s gonna be May” jokes. I’m talking about May 4th, which sounds suspisioucsly like May the Force with a weird lisp on the end. So today I donned my Star Wars t-shirt and went out to see a movie today, seeing A Quiet Place since I already saw Infinity War (I’d still see it again though) and The Solo film not being out just yet.

While the movie was about things hunting people down based on the sense of sound, so you would have to be super silent to stay alive. The movie was quite good and I could only poke a handful of holes in the idea of being silent at all times, but it did give me an idea for today’s article.

I love the idea that the Force is an all powerful energy field, giving users talents like moving objects from across the room, conjuring lightning from their fingertips, and even chocking people who don’t agree with you. Even your basic senses can be heightened or substituted with the Force, like Force Sight or Force Hearing. So while I sat here trying to drum up some way to mix the two subjects, the movie and May the 4th, and create a somewhat interesting blog, I came up with something interesting based on a game that registers heartbeat and anxiety and makes the game harder or easier based on how you are reacting.

So I’ve come up with an idea, Force Sensitive Feedback Games.

Force Push/Pull Sensitivity

How about a Star Wars game where when the player uses any force power, but more sensitive when Force Pull or Push is used, the user can feel the pressure from the energy push. Maybe vibrate subtly in the palms of their hands, enough to get a feeling that they are the ones using the power. Possibly standard controllers would be able to handle the sensation, but if it were done in VR maybe some attachments on the palms and on the top of the hand with a higher use of vibration to give you a better feel of the Force. The Force User Simulator would be pretty awesome as a bit of a tech demo, maybe a fully fleshed out game if more people bandwagoned on the idea but I think getting the chance to play out some epic Force battles while getting the chance to fully experience the feel of the Force.

Force Sight and Minor Sound VR

Another VR title, since it fits it the best for the Force Power in question. The ability to see through the Force would be an interesting, albeit kinda dull as the Force Sight/Vision is just enough make out shapes, walls, distinguished auras, and the ability to essentially see through doors. Set in the time of the Old Republic, back when Jedi/Sith Temples were prevalent. The Main Character could be either alignment and they have to dig through the previous generation’s archives but became blinded, or flying through space when the systems quit running and you don’t have auxiliary lights, accessing Force Sight will aid in them. It maybe not be the most fascinating concept, but add in some sensory tags for feedback or super human hearing headphones, like Turtle Beach, and have the full experience.

Maybe Not The Easiest Idea

So it turns out there is only a handful of gaming ideas you can work that angle with before you turn around and just re-skin the story a handful of times. It was something interesting to look into though, I would rather spend my time barking up a new tree looking for ideas on older IPs instead of just rehashing old plot lines or movie tie ins. I like the idea of The Force sensitive feedback but would have to have more time to invest to come up with more or better ideas.

Once again Thanks for everyone for reading this and on this, the day of Star Wars word play. As always May the 4th and The Force be with you. If you want to hear my true thoughts on a quiet place, check out my Twitter @ReedicusRex or following me on Facebook at the Phoenix Overdrive Nation’s Facebook pageĀ 


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