So I am well aware that this page has mainly been about video games and all things that concern them. Buuuut yesterday was Saint Patty’s Day, and the second to last Dragon Ball Super Episode dropped so I’m kinda tipsy talking about it.

My first impressions would have to be that I saw about 90% of it coming, while the other 10 I was floored by. This coming from the guy who had vague spoilers about the last two episodes and each one of their synopsis was kinda trashed.

I loved the art style of this episode was fantastic, even though some of the in between stills looked like someone stretched Jiren and Goku’s faces like silly putty. I loved how dynamic the entire episode felt, like every single action, move, and word of dialogue had this intense weight that you can’t quite describe but you can absolutely feel it.

For any of you reading, if you are lost at what I am talking about, go out, get a Crunchyroll or VRV membership and binge watch the hell out of Dragon Ball Super, even though in a week the last episode will drop so you’ll have no rush to catch up.

Sure not every single episode of Super has been great looking, but it has had it quirks. Tonight’s episode though, was absolutely phenomenal. I cannot begin to say how much I loved what I saw, and like I said, I had watched spoiler episodes on Youtube about what ep 130 and 131 would hold, but as I was watching, I quickly realized how words can be translated in so many ways. And we got what we saw tonight. Total deviation from what the spoilers said verbatim, or at least what people had speculated.

I wont go into great detail because I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say this, the Ultra Instinct theme, if that is even what it is called, will never get old. I swear I could listen to that song everyday as a way to get pumped for my days.

The action was, well, it felt a bit overused, seeing as how it was consistently one sided, which we all saw coming from the previous episodes leading up to this one. I felt like I didn’t get completely sold on the action until after the halfway point, where Jiren does something that seems totally out of character, and causes Goku to react the way all DB fans know Goku would. I went from leaning back waiting to see how the ending of everything played out to on the edge of my seat in this excited/tipsy state of mind.

While the guys in the stands normally serve as exposition machines (this episode nothing new), they also served as an official cheering section/catalyst for the last half of the episode. In a move that I didn’t see coming from a mile away, Krillin, Roshi, Vegeta, and co. all served as some nuanced stepping off point that both helps close the series an episode early in a way, as well as a sort of accelerant on the fire for Goku.

All over, I loved this episode, sure it had it’s slow start, from a somewhat fast paced ending the last episode, but managed to pull so many rabbits from it’s hat that I’m sure it put many fans into a spin.

If I view this episode sober and change my mind, for better or worse, I’ll update with another post, I just felt compelled to talk about this episode, since I couldn’t start reviewing the series, even if I wanted to now. Plus the whiskey likes to have a voice every now and again.

I hope you enjoyed my vague summary of the last episode, if you’d like me to do more of these types of entries let me know. I also try my best to be sober when I write, as the content is more controlled, so if none of this made sense, I apologize to all four of my readers now.

Reedicus Rex


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  1. Awesomely done man. Love the series binged watch it all the way up to current episodes not long ago. Fantastic edition to the well made series. Don’t stop J keep up the great work.
    Christopher Lee Sharp


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