You know, I had this idea as a kid where I would modify my hand-me-down office chair to look badass.

I then went on to think I could market that one day and make other gamers happy with these cool custom built chairs. It then evolved to custom made media centers with cooling fans built on the back to circulate air and keep consoles from burning up. Throw in colored LED lights on the sides and I was excited to envision the future of gaming storage.

I later thought up taking frosted glass and etching a person’s favorite video game character on one side of the cabinet or on the front as a door.

Suffice it to say, I wanted to do what PC builders have done to their Rigs over the years. I just had a dream of custom made storage solution that looked fantastic but served a purpose. Lately, I have been looking back on those days and feel like I missed out on a opportunity to capitalize on a market that isn’t wholly saturated.

Too Little Too Late?

Recently I ran out of space on my current video game stand and my go to shelf, Level Up Stealth Tower, and started my search to get another one. Little did I realize that the company isn’t selling any of their towers anymore, at least not through their website or Amazon. Different sellers still have some available to buy but the sad truth is them not selling them anymore makes me feel rather hollow.

I started searching online for more options, and the only other results that pop up are standard shelves, dvd holder (which I guess is the same thing), or Pintrest ideas and on to better store items in creative ways.

It makes me pine for the days that we creative gamers were coming up with these brilliant ideas, ideas that you could feel badass looking at and for having, as well as being a smart way to store your games and consoles. Some people still do it, maybe just the basic throw in a few LED on the inside ledges of cabinets or putting Velcro on the back of controllers then another piece on the wall.

I’ve even see wall hanging controllers with hooks from old school store displays.

Sure they are creative, they seem neat and helpful but I just feel like maybe people forgot how to go all out on a passion project and actually create something unique. Is it too much for me to ask that?

Maybe, I mean I hardly get to see monster build PC’s anymore, like the art of creativity was lost to this generation as I grew up. And with future generations just going for digital media and instant gratification, maybe aesthetics are just wasted on them. I can’t say that’s wholeheartedly the truth but sometimes I can’t help but feel these ideas are lost in the current status of the world.

Can We Bring It Back

I would like to think that we could bring it back, possibly not just beyond simple design at first, but maybe just have companies start getting back to a creative medium. Start showing gamers what carving designs, inlaying lights to show of the design of The Doom Guy, or The Master Sword.

A cabinet with LED lights that glow different colors for the console you have selected (Blue for PS4, Green Xbox One, and Red for Switch), which would take some extra work to set it up to function like that but I’m sure it could be figured out. The Game tower either built separately or onto the side, with an additional place holder for the game you are currently playing where you can set the case if you don’t want to have to pull it back out of it’s spot when you put it up.

These are just some basic ideas I can come up with in a few minutes, incorporating some of the commonly used builds on shelves or PC’s, while adding in some design flare.

Just imagine what someone else could do if they sat down and designed a few things and utilized tools like Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sources, I’m sure someone could produce hundreds of these items with the support of other interested gamers around the world.

That’s just my take on it, because I feel just a bit nostalgic for a dream that may not have actually died all those years ago. Trying to create something amazing from something so simple. Turning your love for video games and technology and making something you can proudly display in any room of your home.

Hell, I’ll do a Photoshop mock up of one and see if the ideas continue to flow.

The right corner is supposed to be frosted glass with Yuri but kind of hard to make out

Who knows, maybe I’ll actually take my own rant/advice and start building one of these. Who knows?

Do you guys miss all the crazy mods for PC towers? Have you always wanted to see certain things on your video game storage towers or entertainment centers? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @ReedicusRex


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