Do you know how hard it is to control a dragon with WASD? Well let me tell you it’s freaking ridiculous.

I spent the weekend testing out an early access game on GameJolt, called Spyro: Myths Awaken. Dealing with technological issues (my phone took a bath), so my research has been limited to late hours after work and I felt this was something people should keep an eye on so Monday’s article will touch briefly on this indie developed sequel to the Spyro The Dragon trilogy.

Developed by GameJolt user Cyreides, who has been working on MA for what looks like a year according to his devlog on the game page. While it doesn’t seem like too much of a challenge working with old school PS1 graphics, which is great and keeps with the continuity of the original trilogy, it is a labor of love for them. I’m not trying to take lite of what Cyreides is doing, because I know how challenging game design is and even preexisting engines and graphics don’t make the road any easier but they do seem to be getting the hang of it.

Spyro, Winter is Coming

On the game page, the Spyro Myths Awaken Holiday Adventure Demo is available to play as it is now. To say the least, I spent a couple of hours trying to reach the end of the demo, which requires to you collect enough gems to gain access to the next area in under a certain time limit. Each time I tried, I got closer and closer to the next area before I stopped.

The game holds the old school nostalgia that I know and love and actually handles surprisingly well with computer controls, it took a while to learn how to move to improve my timing but I got it down. Enough so to know that once this game drops or gets further into early access with other playable demos I’ll be able to play it relatively easily.

There are some bugs, but again as an early access title, there will always be issues and they can always be ironed out in the final version.

Spyro Myths Awaken is free on GameJolt and definitely could use more eyes upon it as the possible Spyro Trilogy remaster coming out later this year. Go and try the demo as well as keep an eye on this developer.

Sorry about the short post, but with technological issues and some issues pushing research so I missed Friday’s post. Buuut I will have more time to research for next Friday and hopefully it will be a worthwhile post.

Cyreides GameJolt page is in the link right there to look at the dev and the Spyro game page. Give some love and give the game demo a play.


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