In Many Ways, a New Year is the previous Years hard mode.

Sure, some people have it easier than others, already having a path carved in the direction they want to go, not truly having a care in the world. While for folks like me, we struggle constantly to make it to the next paycheck, let alone another year.

Each year, I look at New Years day as me selecting which game mode I want to keep playing in, just on the hope I choose a path I have a higher chance of survival. So as is the tradition, I started 2018 with a gleam of hope I am selecting the best path for me. To my surprise, it hasn’t completely kicked my ass yet, given that it’s only been 7 days, time can only tell just how long that will stay that way.

What You Do At Midnight…

I’ve heard the superstition that what you are doing at Midnight when the calendar flips back to the beginning is what your year will be filled with. So besides a NYs kiss with my wife, if the superstition is anything to be believed, I will be playing video games and watching Youtube videos. So… just like every other year then?

I typically have to work, I have a family that deserves attention and care, and I have friends (which I hardly get to do), and then whatever downtime I do have is just a spare hour or two just before I need to sleep before starting this process over once again. Honestly, the idea that I will get the chance this year to play more and enjoy more of other people’s content is exciting but also highly unbelievable. I haven’t found the magic formula in which to manage my time effectively. I don’t know if Time Management was a skill I put points in when I leveled up in previous years.

I also have told myself I want to dedicate this year to finding a career and getting into that battlefield has always been a tumultuous effort for me. Adding that into the equation that is 2018 and my standard life, I’m not seeing much time for anything other than responsibilities.

I can be hopeful though.

Games of 2018

Within that hope, I can dream big as this year many of the titles being released I’m super excited for. I can even rate my Top 10 of the year, and unless the dates change due to delays or cancellations, this way they’ll stay.

10. We Happy Few: I’ve been waiting a while for this, and to finally have it comes out makes me giddy.

9. Vampyr: The first good looking Vampire game in a while, ’nuff said

8. Anthem: Not holding my breath that it will blow me away in the final product but I am excited for it none the less

7. Travis Strikes Again: No more Heroes: Only reason this isn’t in the Top 3 is because I don’t Own A Switch, otherwise, this belongs on the list

6. Code Vein: Idk why, but this game just intrigues the hell outta me.

5. FarCry 5: Obligatory FarCry game on list since… ya know… I’m weirdly obsessed with these games

4. God Of War: Yeah… well I’ve kinda wanted a new GoW game since the last title so this new twist on the idea is absolutely welcome

3. Red Dead Redemption 2: I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a western centered… anything. I mean I like the concept of wild west movies but I’ve never been overly excited. The first RDR made me actually interested in riding horses, hunting outlaws, and old school bar brawls. Also I just love six shooters so being able to use one was a plus.

2. Metro Exodus: I love the way this series has been presented over the other installments and seeing it’s reveal trailer made me weak in the knees

1. Dragon Ball FighterZ: I have not been this excited for a fighting game in years. Being a Dragon Ball fan and loving the way this game looks, I can tell I will probably be sinking a hell of a lot of time into FighterZ

So hopefully with this years prediction, I’ll have some time to actually play some of these titles. I mean if somehow I can afford even half of them then maybe I can say 2018 wont be such a hard year after all.


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