So, while I planned this article, I realized in a sense… I already vocally picked a GOTY

Yeah my part 1 pretty much stationed Destiny 2 in the GOTY slot, at least in the experience it helped create for me this year. Now I KNOW that people have more venom for this one Bungie title than I think they have for 343 Studios for taking the Halo franchise and losing the magic the first Halo’s had. Though I want to say here, for the world to hear.

Destiny 2 Is NOT my GOTY

Destiny 2 is great and all, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it for what it is and what it has potential to be in future installments but I would never place my vote for the Game of The Year from me. I, however, cannot just solidify a single vote since I have only played and completed 4 of the titles released this year, and only played small amounts of 2 or 3 other games. The rest, vicariously living through the youtubers I watch or friends telling me just how amazing certain games are (“OMG, Skyrim in VR is cooooool Jay” Oh I’m sure).

So in prep for this part, I concocted a the idea to have a few categories on which games I throw my collective hats behind. These categories are Games Played in 2017 but Not Released in said year, Games Half Played from 2017, and then a pick out of my 4 finished titles that will be the end all be all GOTY for me.

So if you’re not already headed to close the tab and for some reason you want to know just how these convoluted categories are going to work, READ ON!

Game of Years Past

Now this one seems to be an interesting choice for me, deciding to pull from all I’ve beaten this year that weren’t released this year, and for someone who hasn’t had the best luck with money to buy games in questions, I’ve beaten enough of them to make the decision a little harder for me. But I did manage to narrow it down to the Top 2

2. Day of The Tentacle

Yep, this year I beat down on a LucasArts and Double Fine game that I kept myself from playing it because I couldn’t manage to find a copy. Luckily PS+ gave me the gift a while back for this title for free. So after it sat on my digital shelf, I dipped my toe into the zanny world of Day of The Tentacle.

I am so sad that I never played this as a kid. Sure it was ridiculously easy, some of the puzzles still kinda stumped me but it definitely wasn’t something that vexed me for hours. It was the humor that made the game so great for me, it was crazy, off the wall, and had references that, obviously, were a big deal at the time it was initially released. It also doesn’t hurt that a bunch of the game was a trippy time travel comedy game with sentient tentacle monsters bent on taking over the world. I love this game, so much so I did everything to platinum it and went back and played it a few more times.

1. Watch_Dogs 2


A huge hit from 2016, the follow up to a game that was super hyped but kinda dropped the ball. Then again, this is Ubisoft we are talking about so that isn’t all that surprising. However, Watch Dogs 2 is a game I would have given this my 2016 GOTY… well I say that but I don’t know for certain what I gave GOTY last year so don’t quote me on that.

This game had it all, the quirky attitudes based around internet memes/culture, computer hacking, drones, and an underdog story. It has basically everything I want in a modern age set game. Sure it has it’s downsides, the game as a whole didn’t make me want to throw it out the window followed by my screams of “FUCK YOU, UBISOFT!!”

This game felt human, like it had a personality that we all wanted the first time around and had all the handy dandy toys that made everything a hacker could do more enjoyable while conveying a story of a corporation taking over the world in a pretty plausible story-line that could take place in our own lifetime if we aren’t careful. It was beautiful, with it’s own amount of bugs, so it was flawed but well made.

So that’s my pick for 2017’s Game of Years Past

Games of Years Present… But so far away

I’ll make this one shorter than the other section because I haven’t beaten either of these two, yes I say two, because I have yet to pick up the console in the highest demand at the moment, the Switch.

I’m talking about Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild  and Super Mario Odyssey and as with the last section I’ll just choose my favorite pick, which should be obvious for many reasons.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

I choose BotW over Odyssey because the pure and simple fact that you could start the game in underpants and even beat the game without so much as put on a single piece of clothing. Ok… now that everyone is calling me a fucking idiot, let me finish.

Now where is that old man…

I find that BotW is a great open world adventure game in which there is so much you can do and achieve and you don’t even have to resort to tackling the main story for the longest time. It gets back to the roots of Zelda, like the original NES LoZ. Freedom, seeking to take down the bad guys in a world that doesn’t hand you a instruction manual and just says “Hey…. just…. go out and do”. The videos I’ve seen impressed me enough to start leaning to get a Switch when I can afford it. The desire was made worse when I got a chance to actually play for a little bit, simply content with setting grass on fire and then smack the Old Man with a stick.

I was content with this, just this smacking him, and that was enough to justify me owning a Switch. I’d just have to convince my wife that I am making progress because I upgraded to a burning stick instead of a basic stick.

Mario impressed me too, but no matter how much it reminds me of Mario 64, how open it is and how quirky, yet a bit disturbing if you look too much into the possession shtick. I just feel that BotW gets a top slot over Mario, though you can bet your ass I want both games when I finally buy one.


And for the finale….

My GOTY for 2017



Ok ok… I am just kidding because as much as I like ME Andromeda, I don’t think it would, with it’s flaws, place it in my top 5, if you know I had played 2 more games from this year. But I can however place a GOTY, for real this time.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

That’s right, the post apocalyptic world where animals are now mainly robots and humans have regressed to that of vikings. The world that looks so beautiful and so tantalizing it could rival The Last of Us and had enough emotional power to make me weep over people that were already dead… the future… if you can follow that congrats because I’m fuckin’ lost.


With a return to a basic level of combat, giving us a hunting aspect that FarCry wishes it could have without adding in acid trips, giving us a bow and arrow and this ‘magical’ staff which can make most these creatures bend to your will. It is an amazing feeling, knowing you aren’t the biggest thing on campus, and being small and having these fierce robots that have pretty much taken over the planet hunting you with everything they have to stop you from encroaching on their territory.

It’s like the Colossus from Shadow of The Colossus but on a smaller scale, but still just as fierce. One misstep, one blade of grass not covering your hair and bam you are robo chow. The game increases in difficulty, the armor and weapons improve as you progress as well. Trip arrows, elemental weapons, and the end all, be all super armor you have to work to get.

Everything about this game screams perfection, sure nothing is perfect but it’s flaws are few and far between so I don’t really fell the need harp on. Though… those faces though… sometimes those character faces just don’t sync up and look soo.. buuuuuhhh.

I wont go into the game more, as if you haven’t played it and with the complete edition being released, I’d recommend picking it up. I know when I grab enough money I will be shooting for the Frozen Wilds DLC when I can because I can’t wait to dive back into it.


So there you have it, my game(s) of the year, no matter how convoluted this article might have been. Here’s hoping that 2018 can be a better year for me so I can narrow it down a bit more so we can avoid these triple categories. Unless people actually enjoyed this, then I guess I can do it again because, as usual, I will probably stand as the Poor Man Gaming.



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