Like I mentioned in Part 1, I am not an affluent man.

My pockets are never truly flushed, I always just barely get by and, on an occasion or two I have chances to buy a game or two. This doesn’t mean I don’t get to have fun as often as everyone else though, there are free ways to game or enjoy watching someone else playing. Yeah I like watching Let’s Players acting insane, laughing maniacally, freaking out at jump scares much more than they should, and all that blah blah blah.

This year, and a little bit of the past 2 years, I’ve enjoyed mindlessly editing pics with Photoshop, while listening to (and maybe getting more distracted than I should) by having Let’s Players play in the background, like Markiplier, FX Gamer, and even just Game Theory. I can’t help but enjoy in-depth analysis while either playing the game itself or even after months of research and random math equations *shivers*

So for Part 2, I’d like to look at some of the most influential, to me, Youtubers. Kinda odd, I know but with a lack of an actual plan as far as what to do for GotY type content I am flying by the seat of my pants. Woooo!

In These Corners…



First up Asynchrony, the guys who make the Raiders episodes existing in the Fallout 4 game engine. If you know these guys by just the episodes alone, you’d know that they are fucking insane. Balls to the wall insanity in each episode, no doubt about it. The same can be said about their livestreams while playing games like PUBG or even VR games.

Dirty jokes, hilarious voice flexing, and weirdly crafted stories ensue with each livestream. I find myself laughing way more than I should at these guys as work on my projects, or quickly have to pause it or mute them when my kids run in the room. Yeah I have a potty mouth but these guys are fucking Super Potty Mouths and my kids would just end up repeating things they’d say.

That aside, they have kept me very occupied and entertained during some of my longer writing sessions when I could get them in. Absolutely amazing folks over at Asynchrony, if you haven’t heard of them, go subscribe to them.

FX Gamer


Not sure if that is his official name, but he starts every video “Hey Guys my name is FX” so I’m just going to call him FX.

This bloke is hilarious, a bit loud, but asks all the right questions in the random ass situations games put him in. He runs plenty of popular game series as well as some games I hadn’t heard of at the time (Beholder for instance). He may play a lot of the mainstream games, but he adds his own flair to the experience. It’s enjoyable, fun, and can make the bus trips to work all the more interesting.

Again, he’s a bit loud but I love it, it adds a sense of excitement and I can’t help but feel peppy while trying to get out of my bad moods, and there were plenty of those in 2017.  If you haven’t seen his vids or subbed to him either…. well… do it!

All of the Other Reindeer

I wont go into great details about why I love these other guys, I mean their sub count, their influence on media, and all the videos plastered all over Youtube can tell you why they are good at what they do.

I of course mean, Markiplier and Game Theory.


These two channels/people have inspired many changes in people’s lives, including mine. They are ground breakers, while still doing the same song and dance as everyone else. The reason why I have to thank them as part of my greatest moments of the year, even though I’ve been watching for years, is because this year was one that was very transforming. I’ve been diving into writing and editing, and just all around being social on such a large scale in comparison than in previous years.

I have to say that the inspiring messages, the heartfelt speeches, and for the countless numbers of videos were enough to give me hope for the future for someone like me. I’m a content creator… or at least I kinda like to think I am. I want to inspire and make others think, so they help me raise the bar based on their actions. This year kicked me into overdrive, fair to say.

So That’s Part 2

Hopefully it makes you understand me a little be more and hopefully you get to look into the other two channels/all 4 (if you haven’t already). Otherwise stay tuned for Part 3 coming soon to see an actual GOTY pick. Maybe a bit more.

As always follow me at @ReedicusRex as well as sub to the Youtubers mentioned above, links will be left below.


FX Gamer


Game Theory 



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