As someone who hasn’t had a decent flow of income in a looooong time, I always have to play catch up.

Most gamers I know have picked up almost every new game title that gets released during any given year, as well as the big consoles when they come out. Sure some of them let other facets of their lives fall to the wayside or took the opposite path and managed to get their lives together earlier on.


Sure I am jelly one way or another, one more so than the other, but I understand how and why these guys manage to experience games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild and all the Nintendo Switch has to offer, or even games like Evil Within 2. Does that mean I can’t be a little jealous while I try to figure my life out? I feel I can be jealous about missing the fresh experience but I can’t discredit the experiences I DO get to go through during each year.

I can also do a Game of the Year special leading up to the end of the year, with games and consoles I may own or have gotten just a small chance to play with. So with that being said, I welcome all 5 of you to my Game/Gaming of the Year Part 1.

Destiny 2 and Reintroduction to Socializing

DISCLAIMER: Yeah, I know this game is being looked down upon by many people right now for many reasons but here is the deal… I have my own damn opinion, and I enjoy what I enjoy.

Destiny 2 came out just 3 months or so ago and it genuinely impressed me. When I played through the first installment on the PS3 I absolutely, positively, fucking hated it! I found flaws in every aspect of it, right down to simple design flaws and harped on the lack of any consequential story. I quit playing and never touched DLC flat out saying it was a bullshit title from what used to be an amazing developer. Then I wrote a review… told my friends… and tried for hours on end to explain just why I hated it. Everyone just looked at me with a blank stare, agreeing with some things but in general thinking I’d just became cynical.

Fast-forward to a few months before the release of Destiny 2 and I just so happened to spy the badass looking Collector’s edition with that messenger bag. So I watched a few of the videos about the changes and what had been released to us from Bungie and suddenly found myself excited. I went from “fuck this shit” to ” man that would be awesome to play”. I just so happened to have gotten a vanilla copy of Destiny the past Christmas, so I popped it into the PS4 and played through the incredibly short main portion and then danced around Crucible matches.

I felt excited about this series in the weirdest turn around I’d ever heard with a game series. So needless to say I managed to find a way to pick up Destiny 2 when it dropped and I played the hell out of it, hell I still play it when I have only a small amount of time to play anything. I find myself in love with many aspects of this game, sure plenty issues exist but I never felt as angry or as wronged as I did my first time around with the original game. But the best thing about Destiny 2  has to has be to the social connection that D2 has restarted in my life.


I have never been one to join online groups where I would have to talk to, even people I already knew. It would make me panic, it would make me so anxious that I just avoided multiplayer action in any regard. However with this game, I broke all my conventions and joined in multiple groups with people I didn’t even know and I was ok with it. Destiny 2 somehow revitalized a portion of my social life that I thought I would never get back. I can’t tell if it was the game or if it was just I matured but somehow this game was the catalyst to socializing again.

So Destiny 2 has a spot in the halls of 2017’s Games/Gaming Moments. Stay tuned to the rest of this month for more drops on the biggest moments for me this year.

Also you can check out my twitter, @ReedicusRex to watch me photoshop Santa and Krampus into pictures for the rest of December for what I am calling Shopcember (toootally original right?).


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