(This time of year people are doing their Game of The Year predictions, which was my intention this week, but with all that’s going on, I decided I would talk about what’s going on with Net Neutrality)

The Internet is a glorious thing

People can browse anything they want from the comfort of their laptop/desktop or even their phones. From grocery shopping, live streaming events/gaming personalities, to even watching porn. Yes, as the early 2000s taught us, the internet is porn.

However folks in the US have helped those who would want to control every aspect of our lives to remove the laws keeping the internet from being controlled or throttled. The vote for those who wanted to repeal the restrictions placed on companies involving the internet went through this morning and the future of internet shenanigans seems rather up in the air. Fearing the day that we have to pay extra fees for things like Twitter or Facebook, it has lit a fire under people like myself. The biggest problem ahead is the companies who provide web content will have to pay more to keep themselves in the game, which would undoubtedly mean we pay more or get a Hulu or a Netflix service that buffers and drops quality way more than it already does.

Before I get to far in the muck let me go on and explain what Net Neutrality does… err did?

Being Neutral

By definition, Net Neutrality is/was the principle that all features/services on the internet should be treated the same, not varying in extra fees.

So basically Facebook couldn’t charge more (if they did at all) for their service than someone like Twitter. If they cost anything, they would have to be treated the same, one can’t be sped up faster based on whatever ISP you have, say Instagram couldn’t slip Charter an extra $100 a month to be free to move a faster load times than Snapchat.

You sit there and ask why it matters because a lot of these services are free so no need to worry. Well not so much so anymore. These services can be charged more by ISPs and we can now be asked to pony up the extra money to get said service, even then we can’t guarantee it wont be slowed down because of the internet companies who would be up for capitalizing on this change.


If this hasn’t scared anyone yet, it can be worse. We could be forced to pay for messaging services now. Facetime, certain messengers, and Skype are now up for grabs to hold new fees for use.

Yep, you can now be charged for trying to communicate with your friends and family.

And for gamers, those of you who have purchased the highest upload/download speeds for the best online gaming? Whelp it now has the potential to be throttled or even be charged by the hour after a certain time frame. Just something to think about it.

Many people are sitting there and freaking out about the change, others are still protesting because there is a change it could get overturned and denied. The biggest problem is that people didn’t get this fired up until Net Neutrality was repealed. It saddens me that some didn’t make an effort to stop it before it got this far. Granted, there is tampering done by the FCC to fake letters For repealing NN, but still we shouldn’t have gotten to this point.

Look Back

A reason why I’m shaken by the amount of people who didn’t stand up to halt this movement is because a few years ago proposed bills SOPA and PIPA were attacked and protested right from the get go. Songs written, videos posted with internet users from all over singing, showing just how much we stood against hindering our use of the internet. If there was no freedom in it, then we spoke out about it. These bills would censor what we could see and do, it also stripped people of their privacy online.

There was a huge movement where people banded together and called for them to be stopped. And, in the end, they were and we felt at ease for the longest time.

I just can’t imagine why people, who 5 years ago banded together, couldn’t take the time to stop this insanity from taking place.

There were plenty of people against the repeal, I noticed, I watched, as I sent out my own letters and shared status and tweets so that maybe others would get the message as well. I know there were plenty of people against what transpired but I can’t wrap my head around what the difference between 2012 and 2017.

Keep Up The Fighting

As I mentioned, bills and repeals can be overturned after this step and pushed back till another year. We can still send out letters, make phone calls, talk to your representatives and give a large outcry against this repeal. I can’t tell you how important it is to speak up, every bit helps.

So. SPEAK. UP. Do everything you can to convince our reps that what they are doing or not fighting against could ruin our way of life. Make yourself heard and don’t stop till guys like Ajit Pai, FCC chairman, realize they shouldn’t hinder people just to make extra money.

You can text resist to 50409 and it will give your prompts leading up to where you can write a letter to some or all of your reps.

You can also find out your local reps by going to https://www.battleforthenet.com/ and they can fill you in and give you some stats on how many calls are coming through and other info you may want to read up on.

If you already know your reps contact info, go ahead and contact them, let them know you want to overturn the repeal and are against the removal of Net Neutrality.

We still have a chance to fix this


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