I know, I know… I’ve been absent for a while.

It has been one hell of a time finding any spare moment to sit down and write without feeling like crud, or being half asleep, or hell being in the right mindset to write. Dealing with kids, new job schedule, now as of this past week I’m also getting super sick. It’s all been kicking my ass in about 5 different directions.

Recently I started a new job and the good game fortune I was experiencing from my birthday has kinda peaked till probably well after Christmas, so I’m basically in a lull for new games. It would just happen to be right around the time when one of the most highly anticipated games for the Nintendo Switch dropped. You all know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t you really need to come up from that Underground Level and smell the Piranha Plants.

That’s right, Super Mario Odyssey dropped and everyone has been hitting my Twitter and YouTube feed’s like they were trying to sell drugs to an addict. Hell it, it’s working because I’m jonsin for the day I can afford a Switch and SMO (and a few other games but why get greedy?)

As I sit here and watch as others show off the costumes, brag about 100% of the coins, talking about when they will be dropping reviews, I sit here and feel a bit out of the loop. I get to live vicariously through everyone who plays it, and it feels just like watching other people play a game in front of you, yet in slow motion. Basically infuriating because you see how to get what they need to do, but you can’t grab the controller and try yourself. Just imagine trying to show your younger sibling to play an Uncharted game, and noticing every time they don’t explore for the treasure. UGH!

Writing this gives me a sense of closure and feels nice to have something or someone to talk to about just how crappy it feels watching all the other “kids” get name brand shoes while I’m stuck with Nikdidas that your mom got from your  neighbor.

Sure I’m playing Destiny 2 at the moment, but I’ve burned out of new things to do. I can go back and catch up on my backlog, but I feel I limit myself on reviewing older titles because everyone seems to have already played them, or at least formed an opinion. Why would they want to hear mine on something a year or more older?

That’s thinking I should probably get away from, but can’t seem to stop myself when I get to this point so for now, I’ll sit here and watch from afar your awesome discoveries in Super Mario Odyssey, heck if I see something that can be shopped into a good meme that no one else has already come up with, I’ll share it on Twitter or something.

But just remember, if you see someone on the outside of your window, it might be me watching you play. At least give me a 10 to 15 second head start before calling the cops, I just want to see some new Mario folks.



I know it’s a bit shorter this week, but like I said, I’ve been so out of it I can’t come up with good topics to really hunker down and write about. Maybe pitch me some suggestions over on my twitter @ReedicusRex and let me know what you might want me to look into, or maybe even tell me that older reviews aren’t as bad as I seem to think they are.

For now, take care, game well, and always Rise Above. (Phoenix Overdrive has taught me well)


Also, I’m currently raising money, and trying to see if I have the chance to stream on game day this year for Extra Life. Life might get in the way but I still want to try to help out the kids who are in need of medical treatment and the hospitals/hospital staff that help them every single day. Just follow the link to my Extra Life Page and learn more and maybe help out some kids who deserve a 1Up on life.



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