A Panel Before a panel is always a way to start things off

EA decided today was a good day to start of E3 in there own way by having a solo show. Surprising most people with a somewhat power move, EA decided to run a reveal show of a few of their games and future DLC for others, namely Battlefield 1 and Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Now, I didn’t watch the event live but I did catch some of the more interesting moments of the show, namely the two new games coming out from the publisher. Bioware announced a new IP in the form of what seems like as a post apocalyptic survival game, reminding me of the years before Horizon Zero Dawn known as Anthem. Then EA announced a new Co-Op Only adventure dubbed A Way Out.

I feel like a 2000’s Pop Song Applies Here

Anthem, as I mentioned above, looks suspiciously like either the years before we pick up in Horizon Zero Dawn or what an alternate reality version of that game would have looked like. Personally, this teaser has me hooked and it was only about 53 seconds worth of footage but I’m kinda sold. The gameplay reveal tomorrow will probably be the huge deciding factor in the end but the teaser looks bad ass. Like a mix of Dead Space’s Issac Clarke engineering suit and the future tech of Mass Effect. Make sense, these aesthetics  are found in both the publisher and developer.  Nothing I can speculate for, minus maybe it being a shooter, ala Mass Effect and that maybe a repair system will be very prominent. Other than that, we’ll know more tomorrow.

Enter a caption

A Way Out sounds like a interesting type of gameplay experience. Co-Op only gameplay by the Swedish film direct Josef Fares is groundbreaking. Fares created the game Brothers: Tale of Two Sons  which made the single player experience feel exactly like a co-op one by making both brothers move at once. A Way Out looks like an interesting concept, making you play the entire game with a friend, relying heavily on your buddies to progress through objectives can make things very complicated (but in a good way).

This decision kinda leads to pushing single player gamers away from picking up a copy. Sure, people adapt but those who don’t play online normally will probably steer away. It looks like an interesting enough game, minus the fugly looking main character with the mutton chops. ALL the other character models look decent enough, but man this guy on screen bothered me when I looked at him.  Otherwise the premise of the game is intriguing enough to warrant a better look at. Reminds me a bit of how the Portal 2 co-op looked and that’s enough for me to keep my eye on it.

Today’s event left me with little to talk about, at least what I would want to discuss. All in all EA pulling a surprise conference was an interesting move, sure there was only 2 new games popping up, but they were awesome enough to keep spark my interests before the real conference begins tomorrow.

Day Zero is done, and the real event starts tomorrow. I hope everyone’s body is ready for the excitement!



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