I have been playing the Legend of Zelda games since Ocarina of Time, and for the life of me, I don’t remember Link speaking.

Maybe the occasional “Hyuah! Hyat! Aaaaaah!” but never a full blown word or more has ever crossed his lips. Now I haven’t played Breath of the Wild seeing as how I don’t own a Nintendo Switch or Wii U, but I’m certain the voice acting included is not attached to the hero in green tights. So color me surprised when I swung by my local comic shop for the annual Free Comic Book day to see a Legend of Zelda comic/manga that I could not resist picking up. Along with my Dragon Ball Super and my Rick and Morty comics, I walked away happily supplying both me and my somewhat interested kiddos with comic goodies.


Other than finding out my daughter is highly terrified of people in cosplay, the most shocking event was prying open the LoZ comic teaser to find that Link could not only talk, but that his history had been slightly altered. The comic featured two snippets, one from Twilight Princess and the other from Ocarina of Time, which the latter showed Young Link dealing with the Great Deku tree and Gohma’s attack on the old oak’s organs. In this scenario, our hero was not alone going inside the belly of the tree, in fact another of the Kakariko inhabitants joins him claiming he isn’t going to be “the only one to impress Saria”. All the while Link is spouting of dialogue to the Great Deku tree and himself.

I know I might be nitpicking a bit, but I just can’t completely wrap my head around the once voiceless hero having something to say. It feels somehow wrong to see a silent protagonist say anything whatsoever, it would be as odd as if there was a Half-Life comic and Gordon Freeman was this charismatic guy with a quip for every headcrab beaten with his crowbar. Now I’m most likely going to google this Half- Life comic thing just so I can see how much of an ass I can make of myself.

Anime Freeman is Best Freeman. Photo source: http://ayay.co.uk/background/anime/Aza_manga_dao/azu-halflife/

I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the comic, far from it, I would like to buy the full volume when I can spare the money to. Just seeing Link so verbose throws me for such a loop, I have to take the time to reread his lines and craft my own mental voice for him. Is it just me who has this much of an issue?

Either way, I hope everyone else had a fun filled Free Comic Book day and you each got to enjoy a free comic or two today. Always awesome to support the local comic shops, not just on free stuff days, but in general.




    • I never saw but a few glimpse of the animated series or the CDi games and definitely didn’t enjoy that. Nor could I imagine it being any of the other entries speaking voice. Would give me nightmares placing CDi link in OoT


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