How Many People Do You Know Who Have Been Sick?

Everyone you’ve ever met, I’m sure. If someone you know has never been sick is either a cyborg in disguise or a mutant, and you probably should look at that friend with a more watchful eye. Regardless, everyone and their mothers has gotten sick one time or another in their lives. Some people are fortunate enough to recover from their sickness or there is some over the counter medicine that can make them feel better till the bug passes. Unfortunately for others, some illnesses don’t go away easily, especially for the young and old folks among us.

In my life, I have burned through many sick days, I have had issues that simple Pepto and Cold Medicines couldn’t cure me off. I’ve had my tonsils out, my hearing threatened 10 times over when I was a 5 years old, and I’ve had my esophagus burned to hell due to aggressive acid reflux that I didn’t know I could have at the age of 15. My medical background has been a roller coaster, some major points in my health that scared me more than I think any kid could handle, but mine wasn’t even the worst thing kids have to deal with. A few of my friends growing up have gone through the horrible monster known as cancer, and out of those who battled cancer around me, only a handful survived.

The entire situation is draining on all parties involved, be it the physical pain of the child going through chemo therapy, or the financial burden the families have when trying to make sure they kid has everything they need in order to try to have a normal childhood despite the trauma they are going through.

Tons of kids go through this so much more than we notice, and it’s not only cancer these brave kiddos are dealing with, but other severe diseases that prevent them from living a full life. This idea that they can’t enjoy a life that they just recently started just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Knowing that these kids are being denied the true experience of life in all it’s joy and splendor kills me inside, I just can’t help but want to scream. I mean, I could scream mindlessly to the heavens about the injustice of it, or I could do what the guys over at Extra Life have done and brings people together to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network, which provide the funds for children’s hospitals to do treatments and help improve the children’s wellbeing.

How do they do it? Well one of the biggest ways is by recruiting gamers, yes you read that right, gamers, and have them ask for donations from friends and family, as well as participate in an event known as Game Day (Nov. 5 this year) where they let you play games of your choosing and play for 24 hours straight. I’ll admit, I’m still a bit fuzzy on how the playing games for 24 hours but I completely understand the donations.

I’ve been working my way to participating in active fundraising and game play over the past few years, but I am always behind in one way or another. The main thing is I want to raise awareness for Extra Life. If I can’t bring money to the table, I can bring other people, or at least I hope so.

Extra Life is a beacon of hope in a dark world where kids are refused the ability to grow up like everyone else because an illness is preventing them from keeping up. Extra Life is trying to even the playing field by lending a hand to those who can treat them, giving them a new lease on life. I love the idea of taking away that chaos that was imparted on these children who had never done anything to create chaos of there own. With my own kids having medical issues in their infancy, hospitals supported by this group were there for them when they needed the most.

It would mean the world to me if you could check out my page, just take a look at the Extra Life site in general and learn about what they do and who supports them. The more awareness this cause has, the more good that can be done in the fight against childhood illnesses.

I know this was a rambling type post tonight, and I’ll admit I’m not sure if everything was coherent in the slightest. It’s been a long day but I continually feel I need to help people, and Extra Life and Children’s Miracle Networks are the start of hopefully more charity work I’ll be able to do in the future.


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