Have you ever wished you could take back something embarrassing you’ve said?



I’m sure many of us have made this wish on nights where our insomnia reigns supreme while the horrible conversations run on repeat. I have these moments continually in life, my anxiety is always preventing me from sleeping without first entertaining thoughts of all the mildly (majorly) embarrassing things I’ve done in life.  In an attempt to rationalize things, I try to create scenarios where I would say something cooler or at least smoother.

Inner me is cooler by all means, but real life Jay doesn’t meet the standards of cool I’ve set. I was thinking about this earlier today, as I was working at the airport where I deal with customers on a daily basis and my comments always get jumbled or I get caught of guard by people’s questions I don’t expect. Then a question came to mind as I sat down on break; What if I had a dialogue tree? Would my conversations with people become stress free? In the end, I would have to say it would make life more interesting, that’s for sure.

Imagine a customer comes up and they decide they want to be rude and interrupt you every time you open your mouth. What if you were given three choices on how to respond, the standard dialogue tree affair with Good, Neutral, Or Bad, and could see them in front of you before you spoke. The amount of time you could wait to respond comes included in this package, so you could weigh each choice with a decent amount of time and come to terms with the consequences. You decide you’ve had about enough of rude customers today so you pop off a comment from the Bad column and start by interrupting them and tell them off in the most fantastic way. You have a moment in the sun, sure you may regret the decision later, but you sounded as cool as you sound in your head. Finally.

Of course reality isn’t always as great as you imagine in your mind, but one can dream. Implementing video game mechanics into real life would make things a little more enjoyable and possibly improve your social life. Or destroy it, if it were me.

I know my thoughts may come off childish, but I’m sure I can’t be the only one who thinks things like this, so I would like to hear what video game mechanics you would implement in the real world?

Would you use dialogue trees, or would you rather introduce open combat against horrid customers? Well if you are the latter, you should look into an up and coming Indie game known as I Hate My Job by Devious Gamers. They are running a fund raising campaign to get marketing funds in the US. They have already had a soft launch in India and it looked promising. So if you want to take a look into the company or feel interested in backing such a project, I’ll post links below.

Devious Gamers Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deviousgamersofficial/

I Hate My Job IndieGoGo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-devious-gamers-launch-i-hate-my-job-game-mobile#/


I want to note that I will eventually start doing video game reviews and news when I get into a regular routine. So those of you who start to follow me, I will be including these in my future writings. It also depends on my financial situation but I digress and say hopefully in the near future that can begin.

Image credit: Mass Effect and GameSkinny Article  Featured Image: Fallout 4

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