Video Games always come with an instruction manual.instruction-manuals

Whether it be like it was when I was a kid and with each game came a thick, stapled pamphlet that held everything including a back story and some hints, or the current digital ones we receive when we download the whole of the game. People can choose to peruse these books for control schemes, settings, or additional info on items or characters in game. Most players might not wish to do so, but to some, these are a reliable sources of knowledge during confusing moments.

Life, however, has never come with instructions, which I’m sure many of us have screamed to the heavens for. Just look at this blog, I’m almost certain I don’t have it looking ¬†amazing or professional in any regard, that being because I have limited to no skills in customizing blogs/websites. Writing, sure I’ve been doing that for years, that’s my shtick hence why I started this blog. Now, I could easily look up instructions on how to effectively change my site’s look, but many sites seem to just blast the same info over and over again, giving very little context on how to do implement said information.

Where instruction manuals simplified things to basic levels, online guides have a tendency to vary on the usefulness. Throwing technical jargon around like it’s common place makes it harder for someone like me to learn subjects I know nothing about. I could only assume there is some simplified guides out there but they either cost money I don’t have or I have to wade through thousands of pages of rubbish to find.

Moments like this discourage me from trying to adapt to the changing times. Things I want to do, like photo/video editing, this blog site editing, etc. These all seem rather off putting to try given the information is handed to you as if you have done these things before hand. It’s reminiscent of how some companies want to hire someone with experience but it’s impossible for workers to have experience if no one hires.

I just wish somewhere, the true instruction manual for life exists for someone such as myself. A man can dream I suppose.

How many of you feel this way? Has anyone found a way around this lack of simplified learning tools? Let me hear your thoughts.


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