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Letting Things Go and Reoccuring Bad Habits

Tonight, I finally started to comb through all the old photos on my previous Facebook account to find the ones I wanted to save from my marriage. To say torture is giving the whole thing a bit of a slap on the hand. My ex-wife had taken so many pictures during holidays, during birthdays, and it was very, very hard […]

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The Journey: Transitions

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus the past few weeks due to a whole hell of a lot of personal issues. To those of you not within certain circles of mine or not connected on my social networking sites, you might be a bit in the dark. For the span of months, I have been emotionally fighting against […]

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Unscripted: Reedicus Update

How many times can someone walk away and come back before returning is no longer an option? So I’ve been gone for just over a month. I didn’t intentionally mean to do so, honestly. At first, it was a a brief break after Spooptober. I figured a few days to plan out some sort of Thanksgiving based articles to celebrate […]